OvationULT red light therapy bed adds acne-bacteria-killing blue light

Body Balance System has announced a new feature to its OvationULT red light therapy bed with vibrational frequency massage — a blue light added to the facial area that kills acne-causing bacteria.

“This new feature will be on all OvationULT beds in the facial area only,” says Kyla Hosoda, marketing coordinator at Body Balance System. “Blue light is great for killing acne-causing bacteria and will be added for spring 2022.”

The OvationULT Zero Gravity Bed is the most advanced technology available in a red light therapy treatment system. Designed to form to the body, it gets the end user closer to the red light than any other system, providing every user with the most advance effective treatment and producing maximum results possible. In addition, the OvationULT is the only red light therapy bed that includes frequency massage, eliminating the need for a vibrational plate session.

With treatment durations of 10, 15 and 20 minutes, the Ovation ULT: decreases pain; increases endurance, strength, and recovery; promotes firmer, more radiant and smoother skin; speeds-up wound healing and scaring; lowers inflammation; improves joint health and combats arthritis; improves brain health and cognitive performance; and the new blue light kills acne-causing bacteria.

Benefits to businesses include a free 30-day client acquisition program; free Marketing Toolkit; immediate ROI; no session fees; attract new customers; increased average sale per customer; and added value for existing customers.

The OvationULT is optimized for professional office use. Fitness gyms, chiropractic offices, med spas, tanning salons, and wellness centers benefit the most from the unique design which fits through standard 32” openings without disassembly. The red light therapy bed comes assembled and ready for immediate use. Find out how the OvationULT can bring the power of red light therapy to your office so you can help your clients achieve a whole-body in balance lifestyle.

For more information go to BodyBalanceSystem.com or call (877) 296-2228.



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