5 Celebrities That Rely on Chiropractic Care

Some people think of chiropractic care as something that’s only required after accidents, injuries, or surgeries. In fact, regular visits to the chiropractor can also form an essential part of any wellness plan. Just ask the many celebrities that rely on chiropractic care to help them stay healthy and in shape.

What Is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractors are medical specialists who provide non-invasive treatments for musculoskeletal conditions. They work with patients who have suffered acute injuries as well as those who are battling chronic conditions or simply trying to find more effective ways to deal with the pain, stress, and soreness that result from living an active lifestyle. When celebrities need a back adjustment, they head to a chiropractor, and so can ordinary Americans.

Celebrities Who Sing the Praises of Their Chiropractors

It should come as no surprise that many famous athletes visit chiropractors regularly, but what some people don’t realize is that other celebrities also take advantage of chiropractic care. There’s a good reason for the trend, too. Chiropractors don’t just treat injuries. They’ve also helped lots of celebrities and average people, alike, to manage everyday stress, pain, stiffness, and soreness.

  1. Lance Armstrong

This renowned bicycling champion has been receiving chiropractic care for over two decades and claims that without his chiropractor, he would not have been able to manage the strenuous demands of a cycling career.

  1. Tom Brady

Love him or hate him, Tom Brady has the respect of every sports fan. He credits seeing a chiropractor as one of the reasons he has been able to maintain such a successful career.

  1. Liza Minelli

As a renowned Broadway star, Liza Minelli had a physically strenuous career. She relied on chiropractic care to stay in shape so she could focus on acting and singing.

  1. Arnold Schwarzenneger

Arnold Schwarzenneger’s praises for chiropractic care show that both movie stars and politicians also stand to benefit. He and his family all see a chiropractor regularly for treating injuries and for preventive care.

  1. Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson has been seeing a chiropractor for over three decades. This actor and director uses his visits to the chiropractor as a form of natural preventive health care.

What to Expect

Want to follow in the footsteps of the greats and start seeing a chiropractor? It can help to know what to expect during an average visit. The first visit will include a consultation, a full exam, a review of the patient’s medical history, and the establishment of a treatment plan. From there, every visit is a little different.

What Does a Back Adjustment Include?

Back adjustments involve applying controlled pressure to abnormally functioning vertebrae. The purpose of this popular chiropractic treatment is to increase range of motion, reduce nerve pain, and improve a patient’s function.

What Other Treatments Are Available?

Most patients don’t just get back adjustments. They also take advantage of other complementary treatments such as massage therapy, physical therapy, hot and cold therapy, and nutritional counseling.

Everyone Can Benefit

It’s not just professional athletes, actors, and musicians that can benefit from ongoing chiropractic care. Plenty of average Americans work jobs or have lifestyles that leave them feeling stiff and sore. The good news is that people can schedule consultations with reputable chiropractors to get the same care as their favorite celebrities.


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