Animals receive chiropractic treatment | WTOL 11

Animals receive chiropractic treatment | WTOL 11

TOLEDO, Ohio — We all get cranks in our neck, right? Well, animals do too.

Dr. Michael Hollerbach from American Animal Chiropractic says it’s important animals get chiropractic treatment just like their human companions.

“It’s really important for animals to get adjusted because the nervous system runs through the spinal cord,” said Dr. Hollerbach. “If the bones or spinal cord move out of position or they get stuck and they don’t move properly, it can cause pain.”

Pain isn’t the only thing it causes. If an animal doesn’t get the proper chiropractic adjustment it needs, the issues can cause disease and aggression.

There are signs a pet owner can be on the look out for to see if their dog needs treatment. WTOL 11 asked Dr. Hollerbach what some of those signs are.

“A change of behavior,” he said. “A lot of the time little dogs jump off the furniture. They land on the floor. They jam their upper back. Bigger dogs… they have hip issues.”


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