AUB Lecturer back to running ultra-marathons after visit to satellite chiropractic clinic

Marten Sims is a Senior Lecturer at Arts University Bournemouth. He was treated at the AECC University College satellite clinic for a knee injury – now he is back to running and taking on ultra-marathons.

What pain / musculoskeletal injuries were / have you been living with and for how long?

“I have gone to the AECC University College for a number of issues, first in 2016 with ‘handmaids knee’ (prepatella bursitis) in my right knee – which was brought on by playing with my first kid on the floor a lot. The second was a similar issue with my left knee in 2018 with my second kid. The third is from a right knee injury in September 2021 when I stressed my patella on a long-distance run (I ran lopsided for 21km to avoid the pain of an ingrowing toenail). With each of the injuries I was able to recover with treatment from the AECC University College within a weeks or months.”

How did you find the service you received? Who treated you?

“I love going to the AECC University College clinic!  I am always impressed by how confident and competent the students at the AECC University College are. It really feels like a professional service. I have been treated by three students and the AECC University College since 2016, most recently by Kasja Nordbø, who is very knowledgeable, and the treatment has been amazing – getting me back to running a 1:32hr half-marathon in the Autumn and finishing a 5.5hr ultra this Spring. Couldn’t recommend her more highly!”

What treatment/ care have you received?

“Every session is 30 minutes long, so there is a lot to pack in. First Kasja, will ask me “How does the knee feel?” Then we will go through some questions about my running and strength training. She then does a quick visual inspection (such as squats, or one-legged knee raises) to see how things look and then either recommends what she wants to do, or asks me where I would like her to focus. We then transition into leg massage, specifically around the patella and the connected muscle tissue. Often Kasja starts, or finishes with lower-back manipulation. Each session ends with a little pep-talk about what I should and should not be doing over the next few days or weeks until my next appointment, and then I am given my ‘homework’, which involves a series of strength-based exercises that I do using the couch, a wall or some resistance bands. At first, I was really bad at doing this ‘homework’, but once I figured out that I could slot it into my morning while my kids played in their bedrooms, I managed to do it more often. I have also had an ultra-sound on the knee to inspect it for stressed ligaments and arthritis.”

Were you relieved of your pain? And have you been given an ongoing pain management plan?

“Yes! The pain in my patella has now gone and I am back to running just like I always did. I don’t have a pain-management plan because the pain has gone away. I have now switched to multiple yoga sessions per week that I do at home with my partner in the evenings in order to ensure I remain strong and flexible.”

What would you say to others that are in pain and considering booking an appointment through the Satellite Clinic?

“Being a teacher working Monday–Friday, I have every excuse under the sun for putting off making an appointment – I would say ‘I’m too busy!’, ‘The pain isn’t so bad (today)!’, ‘The opening times don’t suit me!’, ‘It’s out of my way!’, ‘The bills will add up and it will end up being expensive!’, ‘If I go then they may tell me to ease-off on my training (and that would suck because I have goals!)’, etc. …all of the usual excuses. But each time I’ve been to the AECC University College clinic it has been totally worth the investment. Don’t delay, just book your first appointment – it may just change your life.”

“I’ve recommended the clinic to a few friends and each one of them has had an ‘I’M CURED!’-like respond to the treatment. One friend had previously given up on running, and he is now back to running sub-5 minutes 1kms! Do it! Book now!”

Marten Sims, Ultra-Marathon Runner and Senior Lecturer at Arts University Bournemouth.

Helping the wider community – and the Next Generation

At AECC University College we believe in working with our partners to offer wider support in the Bournemouth community. We offer a satellite chiropractic clinic at SportBU – this offers discounted chiropractic services to students and staff from Bournemouth University and Arts University Bournemouth during term time.

The clinic is held all day on Wednesdays at SportBU. AECC University College chiropractic students (under the remote supervision of a team of qualified and experienced Chiropractors,) can offer professional treatment and help if students or staff are suffering from joint pains or minor sports injuries and tensions.

These clinics provide quality care for the community and strengthen the partnerships we have with other Universities in the area.

Are you in need of Chiropractic treatment?

We offer a wide range of patient focused services. Get in touch to find out more.

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