Average chiropractor salary per state 2022 | What is the hourly pay?

One of the most in-demand professions in the United States and worldwide is chiropractic practice. It is a therapeutic manual realignment of the joints and vertebrae out of focus. The job involves a lot of knowledge acquisition, say about six to seven years of higher education. Therefore, it is not surprising that an average chiropractor’s salary competes with most other lucrative professions.

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A chiropractor’s salary in different parts of the world varies depending on the job demands. In the US, however, the wages are calculated per hour, which means that the more time you work, the more you are paid. The country also has a federal minimum wage that most jobs cannot pay below.

How much does a chiropractor make in the USA?

There are a lot of determinants that may impact the chiropractor pay rate in the United States of America, including:

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  • Additional skills possessed
  • Status and level of education
  • Extra certification(s)
  • Role applied for
  • Years of work experience
  • Types of operation (personal practice or assistantship)

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So, how much do chiropractors make a year? A chiropractor may make as much as $84,000 or as low as $36,000 every year.

What are the ranges of the average salaries of chiropractors in America?

The average salary for a chiropractor is around $55,000 per year. It can go higher based on one or more of the factors discussed earlier. As of February 2022, states like Vermont, Maine, and New York pay their chiropractors higher minimum wages per hour.

Salaries of a chiropractor by states in the United States of America

Are you longing to know what state has the highest salary for chiropractors? The list below will avail you insights into chiropractic salaries by state in the USA.

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  • Alabama pays an average of $55,501 annually at $26.68 per hour;
  • Alaska chiropractors earn an average of $26.30 per hour to make a cumulative of $54,940 every year;
  • Arizona pays about $54,710 yearly at $26.30 for each working hour;
  • Arkansas pays about $43,754 per year at $21.04 per hour;
  • California pays about $20.63 per hour to bring it to $42,916 annually;
  • Colorado pays an annual wage of $50,179 at $24.12 per hour;
  • Connecticut pays $59,082 annually and $28.40 hourly;
  • Delaware chiropractors earn about $63,313 every year and $30.44 per hour;
chiropractor's wage
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  • Chiropractors in the District of Columbia earn as much as an annual average wage of $62,152 and $29.88 for every working hour;
  • Florida pays $55,078 at $26.48 per hour;
  • Georgia pays $48,195 annually and $23.17 hourly;
  • Hawaii pays its chiropractors around $41,962 per year at $20.17 per hour;
  • Idaho pays about $45,682 annually and $21.96 per hour;
  • Illinois chiropractors take home about $49,960 yearly and $24.02 for each working hour;
  • Indiana pays about $58,526 in annual wages at $28.14 per hour;
  • Iowa chiropractors earn $26.01 per hour and $54,111 per year;
  • Kansas pays $46,905 annually and $22.55 every working hour;
  • Kentucky pays an average of $39,911 yearly and $19.19 every hour;
  • Louisiana pays about $49,516 to its chiropractors every year and $23.81 every working hour;
  • Maine chiropractors earn as much as $76,852 per year and $36.95 per hour;
  • Maryland pays $68,529 every year and $32.95 per hour;
  • Massachusetts pays $36.35 per hour and $75,606 yearly;
  • Michigan pays an average of $54,927 annually and $26.41 every hour;
  • Minnesota chiropractors earn around $76,317 per year at $36.69 per hour;
  • Mississippi pays $49,776 hourly at a $23.93 hourly rate;
  • Missouri pays an average annual salary of $45,516 at $21.88 hourly;
  • Montana pays $52,300 annual wages at $25.14 for every working hour;
  • Nebraska pays about $53,341 in yearly wages at a $25.64 hourly rate;
  • Nevada pays around $49,233 every year at an hourly rate of $23.67;
  • New Hampshire pays $58,822 yearly and $28.28 hourly;
  • New Jersey pays about $74,742 every year and $35.93 every working hour;
  • New Mexico pays $57,600 in annual wages and $27.69 per hour;
  • New York pays at least $74,219 yearly rates at $35.68 for every working hour;
  • North Carolina pays around $55,039 annually at $26.46 hourly;
  • North Dakota pays around $59,358 every year at $28.54 per hour;
  • Ohio pays $62,723 annually and $30.16 hourly;
  • Oklahoma’s pay is about $63,273 annually and $30.42 hourly;

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chiropractor's salary
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  • Oregon pays each of its chiropractors around $53,128 every year at $25.54 per hour;
  • Pennsylvania’s pay is around $60,503 per year and $29.09 per hour;
  • Rhode Island pays about $65,889 annually and $31.68 hourly;
  • South Carolina pays about $52,326 yearly and $25.16 per hour;
  • South Dakota pays around $55,795 in annual wages and $26.82 hourly;
  • Tennessee pays around $45,156 per year and $21.71 for each working hour;
  • Texas’ chiropractors earn around $54,301 every year and $26.11 every hour;
  • Utah pays around $47,450 per year and $22.81 per hour;
  • Vermont pays about $83,064 in annual wages to each of its chiropractors and $39.93 every hour;
  • Virginia’s chiropractors earn an average of $57,684 yearly and $27.73 hourly;
  • Washington’s chiropractors earn around $63,081 each year at $30.33 per hour;
  • West Virginia pays its chiropractors about $57,781 on an annual basis at $27.78 per hour;
  • Wisconsin pays about $63,201 in annual wage and $30.39 in hourly rates;
  • Wyoming pays about $60,474 annually and $29.07 hourly.

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The average chiropractor salary in the USA has undergone ups and downs in the last two decades based on increasing demands and fluctuating economic buoyancy. As of 2017, according to Forbes, the salary rate ranges between $45,000 and $147,000. Even though current statistics show a reduction, a chiropractor’s salary per month can be up 50% of what professionals from other medical practices make.

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