Sept. 25-Oct. 1, 1942

• The crippled children’s clinic, sponsored by the Monett Kiwanis Club, converted the City Park Casino into a children’s hospital on Sept. 25, with nearly 50 kids coming from every town in the territory. The work was deemed unlike any done elsewhere in the state.

• On Oct. 1, Earl and Floyd Callaway announced the sale of the Callaway furniture store, a continuous business here for 53 years, to the Binion-Stocker Furniture Company. The transaction did not include the Callaway Funeral Home.


Sept. 25-Oct. 1, 1952

• At the Monett Kiwanis meeting, Rev. Chester Werbin said the new Revised Standard Version of the Bible is “the greatest Bible news In 341 years.” Reports on Kid’s Day activities included collecting about $610 for the underprivileged crippled children’s fund.

• Dr. Philip Pierce and Dr. R.W. Netzer hosted the Tri-State Chiropractic Association meeting at Hatcher’s Cafe. Pierce was elected the new president, succeeding Dr. M. Wayne

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Ralton of Carthage.


Sept 25-Oct. 1, 1962

• Dedication services were held on Sept. 30 for the new addition to the Waldensian Presbyterian Church. The addition includes a new Christian education building, improvements to the sanctuary and a new basement.

• On Sept. 29 Monett climaxed its fifth annual Chicken Eatin’ Week with the fifth annual Poultry Day program at City Hall. The observance attracted nation-wide attention since beginning in 1958 to pay tribute to the area poultry industry.


Sept. 25-Oct. 1, 1972

• Carousel Beauty Shop, owned and operated by Ann Forrester, is moving from Eighth and Broadway to 722 E. Broadway. The new facilities are in a recently completed building adjoining Atwell Shopping Center.

• Olen Morris won the bid for renovations at the Sportsmen’s league Lake. Work will include riprapping 1,000 feet of heavy use area shoreline to lessen erosion, installing a concrete structure for drainage, seed bed preparation and seeding, for $4,865.50.


Sept. 25-Oct. 1, 1982

• Some 415 employees at the Tyson Foods plant in Monett received good news, that work would resume on Sept. 30 after the Sept. 23 fire that caused around $700,000 damage. The Monett Tyson plant processes 85,000 chickens daily.

• Jazz trumpeter Maynard Ferguson and his band played at Pierce City High School on Sept. 30 in the school gym. Two years ago the school hosted a concert by Buddy Rich and his group. Students at the high school hosted the musicians with a dinner.


Sept. 25-Oct. 1, 1992

• The Monett water standpipe at South Park will undergo repainting. Traces of lead were found in examining the tower’s paint, so the loose paint will be scraped before repainting. The tower presently serves to equalize pressure in the system with 475,000 gallons.

•AtrainfortheRingling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus stopped in Monett on Sept. 28 so the animals could be fed. The train was stopping every 20 minutes in order to feed the animals on the way to the next shows in Indianapolis and Detroit.


Sept. 25-Oct. 1, 2002

• School Superintendent Dr. Charles Cudney announced the construction technology class, between house projects, would build a new press box for Burl Fowler Stadium, replacing the 20-year-old structure with a larger one at lower cost than hiring a builder.

• Monett High School hosted homecoming with the theme “Blazing Saddles,” taking off on the Western comedy film with floats showing cowboy rope tricks, the Rock Ridge jail and other scenes. Tess Blamey was queen. The Cubs lost the game 14-7.


Sept. 25-Oct. 1, 2012

• Coming in on a threegame winning streak, the Monett Cubs football team responded to critics and doubters with a 21-0 victory over Aurora Houn’ Dawgs, spoiling the long-time rival’s homecoming. The Cubs held Aurora to 25 yards rushing.

• Former Monettan Jim Staley has completed two-and-a-half years of research on his family’s history to finish his book, “The Courdins of Val Pellice,” a 208-page book focusing on one of the founding families in Monett’s Waldensian community.


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