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Best Acupuncturist — The Acupuncture Clinic

Runner-up: Integrated Health Center

It’s a delicate process, but the Acupuncture Clinic masterfully helps take care of patients to ensure a good and safe experience. At South Carolina’s oldest acupuncture clinic, founder William Skelton has more than 43 years of experience with the practice and is a national advocate for the advancement of acupuncture in health care.

Honorable Mention: Marty Herbkersman Sr., Noemi Martinez

Best Barbershop — Frank’s Gentlemen’s Salon

Runner-up: Gentleman’s Quarters Barbershop

Is it time for that monthly cut? Then it’s time to book Frank’s Gentlemen’s. Frank’s Gentlemen’s is more than just a barbershop — it’s an experience offering exceptional barber, salon and spa services, all while embracing the Columbia community.

Honorable Mention: Circa Barber Shop, Southern Gentleman’s Barbering Co.

Best Chiropractor — Maxliving Columbia

Runner-up: Columbia Family Chiropractic

You know what you want from a good chiropractor — seasoned practitioners, individualized care and a comfortable and welcoming customer-service experience. Maxliving Columbia, female-owned and operated by Dr. Sarah Losby and Dr. Katie Parks, has the perfect approach to taking care of your spine and other bones that need a good crack.

Honorable Mention: Dean McCaughan, Shelly Jones

Best Counselor or Therapist — Jill Smith

Runner-up: Tyanna Evans

Life can get tough — between maintaining relationships with friends and family to dealing with the stressors of a job, it’s nice to have a professional to help you sort through some of life’s biggest problems. Jill Smith & Associates, which has been open for more than two decades, has a dozen counselors to choose from who specialize in everything from couples counseling to family therapy.

Honorable Mention: Jennifer Wolff, Jon Beaumont

Best Crossfit — CrossFit Soda City

Runner-up: Carolina Crossfit, Cottontown Crossfit

Ready to get in shape? Trust CrossFit Soda City to get you there. Yes, they offer a ton of CrossFit classes, but they can also provide personal trainers and help you with nutrition. Call them today to get your sweat on.

Best Day Spa — Skin and Brows Redefined

Runner-up: Urban Nirvana

Everyone deserves to be pampered every now and then. Located in the heart of the Devine Street district, Skin and Brows Redefined has truly redefined the spa experience, according to Best of Columbia voters. From its traditional spa offerings like facials to other snazzy options like permanent makeup and microblading, there’s no chance you walk out of this spot anything less than rejuvenated.

Honorable Mention: OCCO Luxury Spa, The Beautique

Best Dentist — Marc Berger Choice Dentistry

Runner-up: 32 Dental

Shiny whites are important, no matter what your job or walk of life. Take care of your teeth and they’ll take care of you, I always say. Anyways, Marc Berger Choice Dentistry is dedicated to providing a customized dentistry program for individuals, always offering a positive experience.

Honorable Mention: Forest Drive Dental Care, Gee Family and Cosmetic

Best Dermatology Practice — Columbia Skin Clinic

Runner-up: Carolinas Dermatology & Plastic Surgery

With four locations across the Midlands, Columbia Skin Clinic’s seasoned approach to dermatology makes it the clear favorite in the market. Boasting a full array of services, including a dermatopathologist-run lab, the clinic is experienced in a full range of medical, surgical cosmetic, aesthetic treatment — covering everything from cancer treatment and prevention to cutting-edge Mohs surgery.

Honorable Mention: Palmetto Dermatology

Best Eye Doctor or Group — Columbia Eye Clinic

Runner-up: Sansbury Eye Center

Fourteen board certified ophthalmologists make up the care team at Columbia Eye Clinic. Services are wide-ranging at the three Columbia locations. Offering a range of deals on eyeglasses and other services, Columbia Eye Clinic meets the needs of the community.

Honorable Mention: Devine Eyes, Eye on Gervais

Best Family Practice — Lexington Family Practice

Runner-up: Palmetto Primary Care Physicians

You and your family’s health is always a top priority. Lexington Family Practice ensures that everyone is taken care of to the best of their ability, all in the hands of a staff who cares deeply about each of their patients. The business has been around for more than 45 years and has eight locations, with about 30 physicians running them all.

Honorable Mention: Sandhills Family Medicine, The Practice

Best Fitness Studio — Basecamp Fitness

Runner-up: EQ Fitness and Physical Therapy

With challenges for every fitness level, Basecamp Fitness offers a multitude of classes for various forms of fitness — from cardio to HIIT to strength and core training. Basecamp also has unlimited memberships and group classes.

Honorable Mention: Barre3, Pure Barre Columbia

Best Gym — Planet Fitness

Runner-up: MUV Fitness

It’s no secret that going to the gym can be intimidating. Planet Fitness, a gym company with more than 2,000 locations, has branded itself as a spot where all are welcome. That’s translated into success for the company, with a handful of locations in and around Columbia snagging the title of best gym in this year’s contest. The cheap membership and cancel-anytime policy entice people who are new to the gym scene or who appreciate the cheaper option.

Honorable Mention: Anytime Fitness, Orangetheory Fitness

Best Hair Salon — process. A Hair Salon

Runner-up: Parlour 818

process. A Hair Salon on Forest Drive pitches itself as a luxury hair salon with “a different approach” — and it seems to be hitting all the marks. They aim to refresh your hair and spirit with each trip. The salon offers haircuts, coloring and complimentary consultations, along with waxing, wedding services and plenty more.

Honorable Mention: Hyde, Jenna V the Salon

Best Hair Stylist — Leanne Winn (Hyde)

Runner-up: Lex Moore (Parlour 818)

Leanne Winn is the Director of Marketing at Hyde Salon, offering top-quality services for hair aesthetics in the Columbia area. Leanne makes styling videos that help clients learn how to create their own salon quality hairstyles from home. Her warm smile makes heading to the salon a worthy adventure when you are seeking a new do.

Honorable Mention: Harley Newsom (Ellen Owens Salon), James Nowlin (Hyde)

Best Home Health Care Service — Hands and Hearts Home Care

Runner-up: Heart of Hospice

Hands and Hearts Home Care knows how important the senior citizens in your life are. Founded in 2008, Hands and Hearts has worked hard to provide the highest-quality home care available to allow seniors to age comfortably in their own home.

Honorable Mention: Meaningful Milestone, SC House Calls

Best Hospital — Lexington Medical Center

Runner-up: Prisma Richland

Whether you are in for a regular visit or a medical emergency, Lexington Medical Center has the quality service you need to feel comfortable and well taken care of. The hospital has more than 400 beds, with departments in all the health areas you’d expect — surgery and cardiovascular, for example — and has multiple campuses throughout the area.

Honorable Mention: MUSC Columbia, Prisma Health Parkridge

Best Lactation Support — The Latch RN

Runner-up: Sandhills Pediatrics

Emily Middleton knows a thing or two about Lactation. She’s worked for more than 20 years in the hospital setting, helping women and families with breastfeeding and care of newborn infants. Through the Latch RN, she provides highly personal, evidence-based care to new mothers and sets them on the path to success.

Honorable Mention: Columbia Lactation Care, Lexington Medical Center

Best Massage Therapist — Angela Yong

Runner-up: Nikki B Massage

Angela Yong has been a force in helping locals rethink health and fitness in Columbia. Through a wide array of services and classes, she and her team are always able to find ways to meet the needs of every individual that comes through her business, Fit Columbia. Her compassion for her clients, dedication to her work and clear love for the city is why she’s become such an important voice in the community. Sounds like the perfect someone to get a massage from, huh?

Honorable Mention: F L O W Massage — Kristi Conti, The Well LLC

Best Medical Spa — The Essential Face

Runner-up: Rejuvenations Medical Spa

Everyone deserves to look their best — in whatever way they view themselves. The Essential Face on Holly Street handles that better than anywhere else in Columbia. The clinic specializes in advanced aesthetic treatments and uses minimally invasive procedures. From laser treatments to injectables, The Essential Face has got you covered.

Honorable Mention: The Beautique, The Skin Studio

Best Nail Salon — Canvas Studio

Runner-up: posh

Make your own visions come true at Canvas Studio in West Columbia. With a variety of services, their nail technicians offer many options for styling and pampering. They also provide space for independent nail artists to exercise their individual talents and cater to clients.

Honorable Mention: Sassy Nails, The Nail Barre

Best Orthodontist — Boyd Orthodontics

Runner-up: Tompkins Orthodontics

Across two locations, Columbia’s Boyd Orthodontics is sure to keep your pearly whites, well, white. Across almost four decades, the orthodontists at Boyd specialize in all the toothy needs you might have, plus they are among the most esteemed in the country when it comes to providing Invisalign products. Keep smiling.

Honorable Mention: Irmo Smiles, Palmetto Smiles

Best Orthopedic Practice — Prisma Health Orthopedics

Runner-up: Midlands Orthopedics

We know there’s athletes reading this and with the strain that comes with that lifestyle, you’re bound to need a tune-up (or more) every now and then. At Prisma Health Orthopedics, the three office-strong practice can guide you through your diagnosis, treat and recovery in a personalized way.

Honorable Mention: Lexington Orthopedics, MUSC Health Orthopedics

Best Pediatric Care — Sandhills Pediatrics

Runner-up: Palmetto Pediatrics

Finding the right pediatrician for your kids is important; you’ve got to trust the doctors who will be caring for your little ones. Sandhills Pediatrics provides comprehensive care to your children from birth through college age, and they strive to partner with parents to create long-lasting relationships.

Honorable Mention: Carolina Pediatrics

Best Pharmacy — Hawthorne Pharmacy

Runner-up: Lake Murray Drug

Do you need help with prescription medications? Then may we direct you to the locally owned and patient-centered pharmacy that is Hawthorne Pharmacy and Medical Equipment? The seven-decade running pharmacy has eight locations throughout the Midlands, so you know they’re an option regardless of where you’re at in the city.

Honorable Mention: True Pharmacy on Devine, Walmart Neighborhood Market

Best Physical Therapy Practice — Pinnacle Physical Therapy & Personal Training

Runner-up: EQ Fitness & Physical Therapy

Good grief, does Pinnacle Physical Therapy & Personal Training have a lot of treatment services. They can handle everything from neurological disorders and serious car accident injuries to sports mishaps to arthritis relief. And that’s before you get to their personal training options, including nutritional education and weight loss.

Honorable Mention: Palmetto Advanced Therapy Services, Vertex

Best Piercing Studio — RAW Body Piercing

Runner-up: Immaculate Piercing

Fans of body modification will agree that safe reliable piercers are what make or break an experience with a new body piercing. At RAW Body Piercing you can find kind and knowledgeable piercers who are enthusiastic about their work and creative endeavors. RAW has been serving the Columbia community for six years.

Honorable Mention: The Piercing Parlor

Best Pilates — Fit Columbia

Runner-up: Club Pilates

Columbia has a number of yoga and Pilates studios, but many Soda City denizens turn to Angela Yong Sellers and Fit Columbia for a reason. Her range and depth of expertise on human movement, in all of its possible expressions, makes her a sort of guru, whether you’re looking for intensive individualized stretching regimes or yoga-cardio hybrids like Pilates. She’s a Midlands fitness institution, and one we are lucky to have.

Honorable Mention: Rise Fitness + Wellness, The WRKT

Best Place to Be Born — Lexington Medical Center

Runner-up: Prisma Health Baptist Parkridge

We actually surveyed the babies for this one. That’s a joke, but regardless, Lexington Medical Center has established a name for itself as a reputable, liked hospital in the area. Outside of this contest, it’s won #1 hospital in the Midlands for this year from the U.S. News and World Report. So if you’re looking to be born soon, check this place out.

Honorable Mention: Prisma Health Richland, Home

Best Plastic Surgery Clinic — Carlin Plastic Surgery

Runner-up: Carolinas Dermatology & Plastic Surgery

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Carlin Plastic Surgery provides clients with valued services in the Columbia region and beyond. Specializing in the “Mommy Makeover,” Dr. Carlin helps you rediscover the body you know and love.

Honorable Mention: Capital Plastic Surgery, Lexington Plastic Surgery

Best Tattoo Artist — Wayne Munn (Tatway Tattoos)

Runner-up: Matt “Toto” Davis (Animated Canvas)

Looking to get new art on your body? Wayne Munn at Tatway Tattoos offers stunning work and designs to all clients. Let him help you create your next masterpiece. Don’t have one? Then for inspiration just head on over to his Instagram page to see the genuinely jaw-dropping work that Munn does.

Honorable Mention: Eddie Kane (Copper Finch), Jeremy Lewis (Sickle and Moon)

Best Tattoo Studio — Tatway Tattoos

Runner-up: Animated Canvas

Lexington’s Tatway Tattoos isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, but you want a tattoo, not a lesson in contemporary American art, ya know? Anyway, the place has its rep for a reason — it offers excellent, reasonably priced skin art of high quality for all who are interested in the Midlands. Check out Tatway Tattoos if you’re looking for your next bit of dermal etching.

Honorable Mention: Copper Finch Tattoo, Ophidian Tattoo

Best Urgent Care — Lexington Medical Center

Runner-up: Doctor’s Care

Do you need some medical attention and, uh, need it like now — but not quite in need of an ambulance? Sounds like an urgent issue. Why don’t you read this quickly and head even quicker over to Lexington Medical Center for some of the best urgent care in the area, per our readers. What are you waiting for? Get over there!

Honorable Mention: MEDcare Urgent Care, Veritas

Best Yoga Studio — Fit Columbia

Runner-up: As Well As/Studio Fire

Angela Yong and her business Fit Columbia take another win, this time in the yoga category. Find some zen and some physically gratifying flexibility at Fit Columbia with their yoga program. And it truly is a program, with wall and aerial yoga offered alongside regular ole’ mat yoga.

Honorable Mention: Bikram Yoga


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