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Jessica Stölen-Jacobson Editor [email protected]

On March 22nd, Celtic Cross Massage opened in a space located inside Cornerstone Chiropractic in Montevideo. Cindy Miller has been a licensed massage therapist for over 15 years, and recently moved to town, relocating her massage business from Fridley to Montevideo.

Miller began her career after 911 caused a shift in the manufacturing industry she worked in as an accountant. “I found myself out of a job and with no likely prospects in the future, so I started looking at what else I could do,” she says. She knew she wanted to find a new path outside of accounting, and wanted to establish a career within a year. “My hobbies at that time were aromatherapy and herbalism, and I was kind of looking at what I could do. I did find that most of the agencies offering aromatherapy services were doing massage, and so I looked into the Massage Diploma,” she says.

Miller attended the Minnesota School of Business, and found she fell in love with all things massage therapy. “It fit my schedule and everything was great,” she says. After graduating she did take another job in accounting for a couple of years, while doing massage on the side, out of her home and at expo’s. After about five years, she decided to take the plunge and started to seriously look into doing massage fulltime. She started at a chain massage spa. “It was a hard start because I hadn’t really been doing any serious massage since massage school and it had been about five years. It took me awhile and a lot of extra training and I was finally able to get a good, steady client base,” she said.

Miller knew she was ready to move into an entrepreneurial role, and so she decided to leave the chain and strike out on her own, opening her own practice that moved around various locations in the Twin Cities before settling in Fridley. After another five years, her father had a stroke, and needed care. Finding he was miserable living in a nursing home, Miller made the decision to move her father in with her, taking him to work with her every day. “We did that for about two years, and then last December he got sick and passed away,” she says.

Her mother, who was originally from Montevideo and owned a home in town, suggested Miller and she move back to her hometown. They are still in the process of finishing up with moving, but Miller was able to find a location at Cornerstone Chiropractic and begin the work of re-establishing her massage business locally.

Celtic Cross Massage offers 30, 60, and 90 minute custom massages. “I kind of specialize in deep tissue, chronic pain, carpal tunnel, accident injury massage, but I also do a lot of relaxation and stress relief, and maintenance type of stuff,” she says. “I always tell people I will address the issues but I will always make sure that you feel you’re still getting the benefits of that relaxation massage. I’m not going to put you through the wringer and hyper-focus on the trouble spots and it’s deep tissue and it’s painful. I don’t do that. I still address the issues, but in the end my clients a lot of times end up sleeping on the table, and that’s fine. It’s a big compliment, actually.”

She also offers a unique modality with heated bamboo massage. “It’s similar to hot stone. You get the benefits of a deep tissue massage without having to go as deep because the heat penetrates the muscles, and helps them relax and allows you to dig in a little deeper without pushing that pain threshold,” Miller explains. “Bamboo has the same befits, but I can go deeper because instead of holding a stone in my hand, I can because it’s a stick use some of the deep tissue techniques that I would use with the forearm or an elbow. I can do that with a stick and you actually end up getting a much deeper massage.”

Celtic Cross Massage is open Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m, with booking available on the website, massagebook.com/Montevideo~Massage~CelticCrossMassage or by phone.

So far, Miller has been enjoying the more relaxed atmosphere Montevideo has to offer. “It’s a different atmosphere. There’s a lot of stresses in the cities that people feel on a daily basis, and there’s so much anxiety and conflict in the cities. You don’t get that here. It’s a more relaxed atmosphere which I actually enjoy much more,” she says. She’s also excited to grow her client base in Montevideo. “I’m excited about being here. Everyone here has just been super welcoming and super helpful and accommodating,” she says.


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