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MUSCULOSKELETAL disorders are common these days, but there is a solution that only a few people know; chiropractic. It is a form of alternative medicine and relates to diagnosing and treating mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine.

Chiropractors help those suffering from acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain. Their primary treatment technique involves manual therapy, especially adjustment and manipulation of the spine, body joints and soft tissues, but may also include exercises and lifestyle counselling. A session with a chiropractor may alter neural response to both acute and chronic pain.

Health benefits observed in patients who have regularly taken chiro sessions include an increase in skin pain tolerance, reduction in muscle electrical activity and tension, and a smooth reflex response in the muscles of the spine and the limbs. The treatment also improves neck pain, reduces reliance on opioid pain-relievers, eases back pain and headache, and reduces osteoarthritis symptoms.

Chiropractic care can be powerful and is well established in many developed countries. Therefore, it is essential to keep our minds open to it. Through research and science, we also have the opportunity to strengthen the foundations of clinical and professional practices.

At the same time, the government should create awareness among people across the country regarding this effective alternative healthcare technique.

Sidra Kausar

Published in Dawn, February 4th, 2022


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