Chiropractic care with no twisting or popping

Dr. Dunn takes chiropractic care to a new level

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This morning we’re talking chiropractic care with Doctor Marcus Dunn. “We have an unique approach to chiropractic care that does not involved twisting, or popping, like you’d expect with traditional adjustments” says Dr. Dunn.

Dr. Dunn is Advanced Proficiency Rated in Activator Methods. This system of analysis and technique gives a high level of certainty. He will specifically locate your problem area, then make a precise adjustment. Afterward, a post-check will be performed to ensure your issue has been addressed. It removes much of the fear factor for people who feel unsure about chiropractic or don’t want their neck twisted. With the Activator, your entire body can be adjusted, from your toes to your temporomandibular joint (TMJ)

Chiropractic care can help in a variety of ways – it’s not all about back pain. We can help with headaches, and help people who deal with daily stress. If your spine and nervous system aren’t working right, your body can’t function as it should, either. “We remove interference from your nervous system so that you can operate at a higher level” says Dr. Dunn.

People have reported not only getting out of pain but taking better control of their health through chiropractic. They can reduce taking medication and know the importance of keeping the connection between the brain and body clear. Chiropractic care isn’t just for people when they get older. We have been able to help from birth, toddlers, kids who play sports, weekend warriors, and people who are super active. Anyone can benefit from chiropractic care. “Our goal is to help people live and move their life at the best level possible” say Dr. Dunn.  For more information and to schedule an appointment visit


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