Chiropractic : more than it’s cracked up to be

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So, you’re in physical discomfort or your body just doesn’t do what it is supposed to do, and you don’t know where to turn. You’ve been to traditional doctors and they are either stumped or are telling you to do something that just doesn’t sound right. Well, it’s 2022 and its time to consider a chiropractor. And, if that word gives you chills or panic, let me set you straight. This is not your father’s era chiropractor. Dr. Cesar Hoed De Beche practices modern chiropractic and it is far from just cracking bones.

In fact, Dr. Cesar is in practice because when he injured his back years ago, he went to an old-school chiropractor who did more damage than good. Cesar immediately learned that twisting someone in a pretzel was not the right way and that the body can heal itself if given guidance once in a while. During an appointment, Cesar educates his patients how they can continue to help the body heal itself and how not to re-injure the body.

“At De Beche Family Chiropractic, we treat the whole body… we look for trigger points and often can resolve chronic problems in the most pain-free way,” explains Dr. Cesar. “I’ve had people with a frozen shoulder blade for years walk out of my office with full range of motion in one session. I can see the points in their bodies where others can’t. I look at the body as a whole and can treat unlike traditional medicine, often with surprisingly good results.”

The doctor says once you stimulate the right nerves, the body can quickly correct itself, even after years of abuse or poor habits.

Sure, Cesar knows that people most often come to him because of pain. So, during the first visit he treats the pain point. His goal is to have the patient come back so that he can go beyond the immediate need and attack the root cause of the pain in subsequent visits.

“I want everyone to be the better them. People are not stuck in the health condition they are in. All it takes is directing the body to a healthy path.”

These days, many people are also recovering from COVID-19. De Beche was already using far infrared in their practice, but now uses it for post-COVID recovery too. Far infrared treatment involves getting into what looks like a high-tech sleeping bag.

“During a typical 30-minute session, the 9,000-15,000 nanometer rays penetrate the skin and goes completely through the body, cleaning out your system all the way down to the mitochondrial level,” Cesar explains. “Then, the far infrared takes the nitrates from your blood so that everything flows better and that helps with your circulation and blood pressure so that your body can dump the topic garbage that would otherwise remain in your system. It helps people with heart conditions, fibromyalgia, post-COVID recovery…all of it.”

Cesar relates some of what he does to men carrying their wallet in their back pockets and then moving it to the front. “You would be shocked how many men I cure by just having them do that! Everything in the body is connected and even though some of what I do is seemingly simple, it can have far reaching benefits.

Another practice Cesar is quick to recommend patients is doing ten minutes on a vibration plate daily. A vibration plate is like an oversized skateboard which rapidly vibrates at different frequencies. These vibrations are a huge help in stimulating the lymphatic system and toning the muscles.

“You feel better and that is from the relief of pressure and garbage disposal that the body can then perform.”

One of the more extreme examples of chiropractic procedure and success Cesar shared with me was that by pushing the roof of the mouth of babies and kids, you can actually get the head to shape itself more normally. It can also improve speech impediments when you stimulate the Wernicke’s area.

In daily practice, Cesar uses the Sacro Occipital Technique. This is a methodology of using precise, light adjustments to stimulate healthy nerve function using custom wedge-shaped blocks that allow the body to maintain complete balance, while he administers his procedure.

“Pressures throughout the body are often related to the lymphatics being so clogged. My job is to use new chiropractic technique to clear the pressure and allow the body to self-heal,” says Cesar. “Chiropractic is a way of life. It’s not a I’ll go fix my back in two days kind of thing. At De Beche Family Chiropractic we work on everything from big toes to necks to fingers to every part of the anatomy.”

Cesar believes in his practice so much that his adult kids work here too. While Cesar is the only one licensed to adjust patients, his kids are trained for reflexology, myofascial release and other touch methods.

Cesar is well-known and respected enough to be flown across the country for private sessions. We are blessed to have him here locally. You can explore what modern chiropractic can do for you. Simply get a consultation with Cesar by going to his website calling 305-238-2310‬ or stopping by their Palmetto Bay office at 9040 SW 152nd Street. Mention Miami Hal to get a FREE body fat analysis on your first day.

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