Chiropractic therapy and other treatments in Cambridge

4:16 PM April 6, 2022

Keeping our bodies in check is essential to a long and healthy life.

We make time to regularly exercise and visit our dentist or GP, but often we forget about our muscle and bone health.

“Prevention is better than a cure,” Doctor of Chiropractic and director of Relief Chiropractic in Cambridge Edmund Rogers tells us. “While we have a highly-trained and experienced team of staff who are able to treat all kinds of issues, we always encourage those without pain to undergo therapy too, so they can remain healthy.” 

Below, Edmund shares five treatment therapies he advises to improve mobility, prevent physical problems and treat pain. 

1. Chiropractic care

“Anyone at any age can benefit from chiropractic care,” Edmund explains. The treatment involves adjustment of the joints, relieving pressure, improving motion and enabling nerves and muscles to function properly. 

“There is a focus on treating the symptoms that people are experiencing and not the root cause,” says Edmund. 

He explains why this can be problematic: “It’s a short-term resolution, sometimes concealing a deeper problem. Medication can certainly be useful for certain cases, but when the real reason behind the pain is known, there is a far higher chance of resolving it long-term.” 

“Chiropractic isn’t a painkiller – it’s designed to directly address the problem, not the symptom. We will treat lack of function in the spine, regardless of whether the pain is experienced in the head, neck, shoulders or back. Often the symptoms will then disappear as the body heals,” Edmund says.

Chiropractic care is advised for those both with and without pain to keep our bodies healthy.

– Credit: Relief Chiropractic

“Simple stiffness can be a precursor to pain, so it’s best to get treated sooner rather than later,” he adds. But for those without any problems, Edmund recommends monthly adjustments, but emphasises that every patient will have different needs.

He advises more regular treatments for patients with more severe problems: “This can range from one to three times per week for around six to eight weeks, followed by reduced frequency in order to stabilise the spine as well as introducing exercises to aid recovery. We can suggest timeframes based on individual cases and what we think would be most suitable.” 

2. Laser therapy

“I’d recommend laser for anyone with scarring or chronic problems that have accumulated over a long period of time. Laser therapy helps to treat inflammation in the joints and muscles, aiding the healing process of the body,” Edmund says. 

The laser stimulates cell growth, so the skin can heal and reproduce quicker. Edmund explains that the treatment is pain-free and can barely be felt by the patient. For those with acute pain or who tend to feel sore following a chiropractic adjustment, this treatment can be hugely beneficial.

Chiropractic Doctor shows patient results of x-ray at Relief Chiropractic in Cambridge

The consultants at Relief Chiropractic will suggest a bespoke treatment plan to target specific problems.

– Credit: Relief Chiropractic

3. Sports massage therapy

Despite what the name may suggest, this massage treatment is not restricted to athletes or those who engage regularly in sport. It is practiced by professionals who are specifically trained and experienced in advanced massage techniques. “The treatment involves a range of different methods and instruments to relieve overworked muscles and improve their patterns of movement,” says Edmund.  

Whilst it can be useful alongside chiropractic therapy, Edmund explains how sports massages are also beneficial on their own. They’re great for treating individuals diagnosed with a soft tissue problem, for whom chiropractic may not be as suitable.

4. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a massage treatment designed to relax and calm the body. “Stress is complex – it can be caused by various factors and felt in different ways,” Edmund explains. “We have a range of different products that we use to treat mental, physical or respiratory stresses,” he adds.  

“Our aromatherapist will create a custom blend of essential oils for each patient, tailored to their preferred smells and medical history,” Edmund says. 

The clinic offers a range of face masks and oil drops to purchase, so you can take the treatment further by incorporating them into your daily routine at home.

Sports massage. Physical therapist massaging shoulder region

Sports massage therapy is a great for treating overworked muscles and soft tissue problems.

– Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

5. Reflexology

This is a form of foot massage with traditional roots that date back many years. The practitioner will treat areas of the foot that correspond with other parts of the body,” Edmund reveals.

“The massage aims to reduce stress by relieving pressure around trigger points throughout the body like the arms and shoulders,” he says. This is an incredibly relaxing treatment which can be integrated into other therapies within the clinic.

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