Credence Chiropractic Celebrates 5 Years in Georgetown, TX

Credence Chiropractic is celebrating 5 years in the Georgetown, TX community!

Founded by Dr. Chris Hill and his wife Kate Hill, the couple opened the practice at 1103 Rivery Blvd Suite 120 in October 2017 after an exhaustive search around the country for the perfect place to settle down, establish their family and their business.

“We were looking for a community that loves to serve the community,” Dr. Hill said. “We were looking for a community that was all about family, faith, business,…we were actually following some signs to a specific business, and it took us to the Square. It was there that we talked to some of the local businesses and we talked to some families that were there, and it just felt like such a family first atmosphere and community, the businesses were out to serve other businesses and other communities. So, we were like, ‘Wow, like this just feels like God is calling us here.’”

Since opening, the practice has grown and expanded, while still staying true to their original mission of bringing hope to people of all ages, especially young children and families.

“Our whole mission outside of just chiropractic is to make the community a better place,” Dr. Chris Hill said. “Our biggest phrase here is ‘hope happens here,” and it’s not just hope with health…[it’s] no matter what you’re going through that day, that you can just come in and leave with a smile, and that goes from the moment you walk in and the conversations we have to the moment you walk out. We just want everyone to feel loved.”

Credence means “to believe,” the couple explained, and it’s been their vision from the beginning to help people believe in their body’s ability to heal and improve by focusing on the neurological aspect of chiropractic care, Dr. Chris Hill said. Utilizing a toolchest of technology to identify neurological stress and more, Dr. Chris Hill and his team believe this specific focus to their chiropractic care is vital in allowing the body to do what the body does best: heal itself.

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“The body knows how to heal itself,” Dr. Chris Hill said. “You cut your finger, you don’t think about it, your body just heals it. You break your bone, cast it, you don’t think about it, your body heals itself. So, it has this amazing innate potential to heal itself. But, a lot of times the neurological stress interferes with that and it just doesn’t allow our body to heal to its full potential. So, our biggest focus is how do we find that stress and how do we remove it, and then allow the body to heal.”

Credence Chiropractic is also unique in their technique. Rather than the typical hands on adjustment many are accustomed to, the team utilizes the Torque Release Technique with a tool called The Integrator to deliver very gentle, specific, chiropractic adjustments.

“The Integrator reproduces the entire thrust and movement components of TOGGLE RECOIL, the classic Chiropractic Method of adjusting by hand at a speed of 1/10,000th of a second,” according to the company website.

Pediatric care is a central focus at the practice with children of all ages finding hope and healing from problems that society has accepted as normal in growth and development.

“There are so many health challenges for kids that have just become so common that because they’re common, they seem normal,” Dr. Chris Hill said. “Like colic or acid reflux, [people say] they’re gonna grow out of it. But, the issue is they actually grow into a bigger challenge, and then it’s a bigger storm…Things like ear infections, speech or motor delay, sensory and behavioral challenges, ADHD, the list can go on .It’s always best to get kids checked sooner rather than waiting until something shows up or a bigger storm emerges.”

In addition to helping their patients, Credence Chiropractic also spends plenty of time giving back to the community through donation drives, collaborating with other local businesses and nonprofits, and more.

“We have such a great network of other people in the community that we love to work with as well,” Kate Hill said. “We love partnering with other people in the community who specialize in their niche because health is a component of everything…it all goes together and we have to fuel the body in the best way possible so that way we can live the best life possible.”

In the future, the team at Credence Chiropractic is looking forward to increasing their community outreach and education with more workshops and classes, and bringing added awareness to the importance of pediatric chiropractic care.

“Whether it’s here, whether it’s somewhere in the country, we just want to help be that source of hope to help guide people in the right direction. Because what you may be doing may not be wrong, it’s just there’s a missing link, a missing piece to the puzzle. To bring more awareness to the pediatric side of chiropractic and really just to make sure that this next generation is set up for health instead of struggle,” Dr. Chris Hill said.

“Obviously, we want everyone to be better physically, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually, we want this place, this whole community to be in a better place because of Credence Chiropractic,” Kate Hill said.

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