Dr. Jessica Trice and Dr. Jen Remnes are ready for their next challenge

Pets deserve to be pampered.

Afterall, our animal companions (whether big, small, furry, feathered or scaled) shower us with love their whole lives. In return, it’s our job as “hooman” caregivers to ensure they receive only the finest things in life…like healthy food, fun toys, routine checkups, etc. 

But at Vetique, Dr. Jessica Trice and Dr. Jen Remnes take the concept of high-end pet care to a whole new level!

With state-of-the-art facilities and progressive medical technology, these two veterinarians are exceeding conventional patient care standards in just about every way possible.

Today, My Vet Candy joins both devoted animal lovers to talk about their mission to revolutionize the future of veterinary medicine, one Vetique franchise at a time.

What Makes Vetique a Luxury Veterinary Experience Like No Other?

Vetique is not your ordinary Mom & Pop veterinary clinic.

In fact, it’s tremendously unlike the loud, busy, and sometimes scary veterinary environment your cat or dog might be used to. Whereas traditional practices are places that pets often associate with high stress experiences, Vetique’s goal is to provide services in a relaxed atmosphere.

For this reason, Vetique staff use a fear-free nose-to-tail approach and will facilitate convenient in-home visits with you and your pet.

Together, Dr. Trice and Dr. Remnes practice high-quality and collaborative traditional Eastern, Western, and integrative veterinary medicine. This includes acupuncture and chiropractic manipulation, as well as routine and advanced surgery. Vetique’s future will incorporate a one-health-one-medicine concept, offering pet parents human medical grade wellness services, such as Botox and dermal fillers, vitamin injections, IV hydration therapy, etc.

Basically, all the fancy and feel-good stuff.

Plus, there is going to be a pet and human friendly treat bar!

Pawsecco spritzer, anyone?

Co-owning a Business (and Staying Friends Through It All)


Launching a new venture is exciting.


As the Medical Director of VCA Animal Hospitals, Dr. Jessica Trice knows what it takes to work hard and achieve your dream of landing a leadership role in the veterinary world.


Similarly, Dr. Jennifer Remnes’ past experience as the Medical Director of GoodVets (in addition to years of practice as a veterinarian in the Chicago, Illinois area) prepared her well for an entrepreneurial venture.


Together, the two friends became an unstoppable force of nature!


When asked if there were any challenges associated with running the Vetique business together, the pair had this to share:


“We can honestly say our relationship has remained indestructible. Maintaining a mutual ground of respect for one another, supporting each individual’s decisions and upholding our common focus of serving others are crucial to joint success. At the end of the day, we can still laugh, smile and enjoy the rollercoaster of emotions that accompany co-ownership of a business.”

Good news, especially for veterinarians wondering about potential pitfalls of mixing friendship and business.

On a practical note, the women explain, “Communication is key in a successful relationship with your partner. Keeping personal and professional lives separate is pertinent. All joint decisions must be clear, precise and consistent.”

Challenges of Practice Ownership for Women

Now, that’s not to say Vetique came about with no hardships.


For example, there will always be individuals who try to tear down your ideas. This could be due to jealousy, resentment, doubt, sexism…unfortunately, Dr. Jess and Dr. Jen have heard it all.


“No one will take them seriously.”


“Just smile and look pretty. Your ideas seem far-fetched.”


“This concept will never work. Standardize your business plan.”


“She is way too passive and weak to be a leader.”


“Just let him run the show. You are not qualified to make the decisions.”




But are Dr. Jess and Dr. Jen letting these negative comments and microaggressions prevent them from reaching their Vetique goals? Of course not!


In fact, such words only make the two strive to work harder to offer the crème de la crème of veterinary health professionals and services.

In 5 years, they plan to open 2-3 high-end, boutique clinics strategically placed in upscale neighborhoods of the Windy City. In 10 years, they are aiming to expand throughout the major luxury cities of the US. Palm Beach, FL, Miami, FL, Nashville, Tennessee, Austin, Texas, The Hamptons, NY.

In their own words, “Women need to strengthen their perseverance and never allow giving up to be an option.”

Quite certainly, these two veterinarians are revolutionizing the industry of veterinary medicine for our past, present, and future generations!



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