Dr Mazen Zaibak of Bridgeland Chiropractic Returns Car Accident Victims to a Pain-Free Life

In the generation we currently live in, marijuana consumption is growing in popularity due to the recent legalization in many neighboring states. With the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana, there have been many reports of people driving and causing car accidents while under the influence of marijuana.

Marijuana’s main chemical components are THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol). Marijuana is a psychoactive drug; the main chemical composition is THC. THC or Marijuana use can hinder your decision-making, balance and coordination, ability to focus, and response time. As a result, it may impair your driving abilities.

This combination of side effects affects your ability to drive safely. Compared to people who don’t use marijuana, the CDC has estimated that those who are under the influence of marijuana are 25 percent more likely to be involved in a car accident. There have been many reports in the prior years of car accidents caused by a person under the influence of marijuana. These people involved were seriously hurt or even killed.

Those who survive a marijuana-related car accident have all sorts so injuries such as a severe case of whiplash, herniated discs either in the neck or back, and partial paralysis. Dr. Mazen Zaibak of Bridgeland Chiropractic, located in Houston, Texas, has helped thousands of people over the span of five years. A fraction of car accident victims has been involved in these marijuana-related car accidents.

Dr. Zaibak strives and pushes himself to find new and innovative treatment plans for those who have been involved in these car accidents. He had seen horrific injuries and has been able to return those patients to the happy, healthy, pain-free life they had before this heinous accident occurred.

Dr. Mazen Zaibak’s treatment options vary depending on the severity of the injuries per person. Still, the one thing he will do for everyone is set an appointment to get an MRI to find the exact area that was injured and create a treatment plan around the injury to ensure proper treatment is taken.

Bridgeland Chiropractic offers many new and advanced treatment options such as chiropractic adjustments, neuromuscular therapies, and even steroid injections to help reduce pain during the recovery period. For those injured in any car-related accident, please see Dr. Mazen Zaibak in Houston, Texas, at Bridgeland Chiropractic, and get the help you need.


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