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Dynamic Chiropractic is an open access newspaper that offers news and information about the chiropractic community for DCs, consumers, and chiropractic product and service providers. To give you a better idea about Dynamic Chiropractic, we’ll take a deep dive into everything this publication offers and what the numbers tell us about how the chiropractic industry is utilizing the resources offered by the newspaper.

Circulation Numbers Review

Three common numbers for measuring how widespread the reach of a magazine or publication is include average annual circulation, average per issue circulation, and average requested readership. Looking at all of these can give you a good cross-section of data that indicates the effectiveness of a magazine getting into the hands of its intended audience. 

  • Average annual circulation: This is the number of issues received by different subscribers each year. While it can give you an idea of how many different households received a newspaper or magazine, there are some limitations. For one, average annual circulation doesn’t take into account whether the publication is a paid or free subscription. 

When someone is willing to pay for a publication subscription, they generally see more value in the content. Free subscriptions can become massive mailer blasts that seem more like spam than a professional magazine for Doctors of Chiropractic. Dynamic Chiropractic does an annual circulation around 354,000. For comparison, Chiropractic Economics has an annual circulation of 571,480.

  • Average Per Issue Circulation: This is how many of each individual issue is circulated. Publicists can vary the amount of per issue circulation based on specific promotions, seasonal influences, and other factors. Dynamic Chiropractic has an average per issue circulation of 29,506. This is fairly in line with Chiropractic Economics at 28,574. 
  • Average Requested Readership: On the other side of publicity-controlled decisions related to circulation numbers is how much industry experts expect for consumption of the magazine by a given target segment. For example, an advertiser of a popular chiropractic product wants to specifically reach DCs that are a certain demographic, with which they’ll specify to the publisher that they want to reach at least a certain threshold. This is an important indication of how consumable the publication is as multiple people within a single subscription could engage.

Unfortunately, Dynamic Chiropractic newspaper did not have this information readily available, but to give you an idea, Chiropractic Economics runs a little over 23,000 in average requested readership while other chiropractic magazines usually run under 1,000 in this category.

The best chiropractic magazines are going to be able to present this data to corporate partners and even discerning DCs that are looking for the most professionally-oriented publication available. 

Focus Areas for the Newspaper

Dynamic Chiropractic directs the focus of the content they produce on three different segments: DCs themselves, consumers, and advertisers. With DC-related content, the newspaper focuses on many different topics, such as strategic planning, pricing best practices, new laws and regulations, industry trends, specific treatments, insurance, and more. 

Dynamic Chiropractic also has digital content available to consumers. There’s information about the chiropractic industry as a whole, directories of chiropractors, a wellness blog, and links to other sister publications such as To Your Health and Acupuncture Today.

Lastly, you’ll find an area dedicated to advertisers. Without advertisers, many publications would not be possible and as we’ve seen, advertisers can help set the bar for how many readers a magazine or newspaper reaches. With the Dynamic Chiropractic newspaper, advertisers are directed back to MPA Media, its parent company. 

Is Dynamic Chiropractic a Peer-Reviewed Journal?

A peer-reviewed journal, also referred to as a scholarly journal, is a publication that only uses articles produced by industry experts and subsequently independently reviewed by other industry experts before the articles are published. This process helps to add validity to what the readers are consuming. When it comes to the chiropractic industry, the information presented in chiropractic journals should be accurate as well as relevant. 

That’s why the peer reviewers for chiropractic health and wellness journals are typically licensed DCs. Dynamic Chiropractic is not currently a peer-reviewed publication. 

Is Dynamic Chiropractic BPA Reviewed?

BPA Worldwide is one of the most respected global media auditing companies specifically for B2B publications. BPA Worldwide helps to certify the numbers we covered at the beginning of this article. For instance, after a thorough audit, BPA certified that Chiropractic Economics has the highest number of requested readers among top chiropractic magazines. 

Dynamic Chiropractic is not currently BPA-reviewed. In fact, of these top publications, Chiropractic Economics is the only independently audited requested publication serving the chiropractic community. 

How to Become a Member of Dynamic Chiropractic 

The Dynamic Chiropractic newspaper markets its publication as a reliable source for chiropractic industry news and information. The subscription for the newspaper is free to licensed chiropractors. Those that are not licensed chiropractors can still obtain a paid subscription to get the newspaper. For a paid subscription, you can have 12 issues delivered monthly for $60.00.

You can also sign up online for free for Dynamic Chiropractic’s newsletter and their deals and events notices.

What Webcasts Does Dynamic Chiropractic Offer? 

Dynamic Chiropractic offers a large library of current and archived webinars going back as far as 2008. This content is sponsored by various chiropractic product and service providers. You’ll find information on topics such as new treatments, dietary supplements, transforming a DCs digital presence, and more. 

Dynamic Chiropractic also has a “most popular” webinar section with topics falling under the categories of health care, clinical corner, reimbursement, and your practice.

In order to be one of the first to receive invitations for new webinars, you’ll need to fill out Dynamic Chiropractic’s priority webinar registration. The spots for these live events are limited, so advance invitations and registration are used to secure an individual’s seat in the webinar. 

What is Open Access with Chiropractic Publications?

Open access means that the content within the publication is freely available, especially as it relates to information that’s published online. However, a publication can be open access when there’s not a paid subscription or some other requirement for accessing it. The full text of Dynamic Chiropractic is accessible to anyone with a connection to the internet and moreso because the text of the newspaper issues are provided in an online HTML format. We’ll touch on what the various formats of chiropractic publications produce in terms of audience and readership.

Are There Any Free Resources with Dynamic Chiropractic?

Dynamic Chiropractic has different sections of their website that offer free resources in various formats. One section is set up on their website for free e-books and special offers. The e-books are sponsored by a number of different chiropractic-related products and service providers. You can also get free samples from different sponsors for Dynamic Chiropractic. 

The open access format also makes it possible to view the content from current and past issues for free. The webinars are free but offered on a limited basis, so advanced registration is required. Lastly, you can get several different newsletter formats delivered free to your inbox by signing up to receive them. There are news alerts and updates, sister publication newsletters, deals and events, and then two remaining newsletter categories listed as “DC Exclusive” and “Client Branded Exclusive.” 

Different Formats Lend Different Results

HTML stands for hypertext markup language. This is the standard language used to create a web page. It’s an interesting format for a newspaper as it puts the publication in a web-based format. This is important because it can change the feel of the newspaper and make it appear more like a web page. Dynamic Chiropractic provides full text of their publication in HTML format only.

Rather than getting a copy of the newspaper, the user is seeing whatever text and images are chosen by the digital publisher. This can create issues when a publication uses the same advertisements over and over. So, even if there’s an archive of past issues, the look and feel of each individual issue can be lost.

Another option is publishing magazines online in a PDF format. Chiropractic Economics utilizes this method so that each issue still looks and feels like the user is holding a copy of the magazine in their hands. Establishing a community around an authority-driven publication takes providing a consistent level of user experience. This experience helps solidify the value received when subscribers get a new issue. Consistency is used in everything from fine dining restaurants to professional sports, where the provider continually seeks to provide a seamless, positive experience for their users.  

See the Chiropractic Economics Difference—Start a Subscription

As you can see, there are a lot of very important variables that a publication for doctors of chiropractic have to weigh in order to provide the best value to their readers, as well as sponsors. Start a new subscription to Chiropractic Economics for a holistic look at the business and practice management issues faced by doctors of chiropractic.


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