Farmingdale’s Priestley Chiropractic Wins Best Chiropractor On LI

FARMINGDALE, NY — Priestley Chiropractic was named the best chiropractor on Long Island in the 2022 Bethpage Best of LI Awards. It marks the eighth time since 2009 that the Farmingdale chiropractor has won the island-wide award.

Dr. Walter Priestley and his team have been around for the past 34 years. Their team includes Dr. Dawn Warden, Dr. Samuel Kim, Dr. Chris Wider, Dr. Walter Priestley, and a board-certified neurologist, Dr. Russell Surasky.

Each doctor uses different techniques so they can best match clients with the one they are most comfortable with and would be most effective in caring for certain conditions, according to the Bethpage Best site. They adjust all ages, from infants to the elderly.

Surasky joined the team in October and works on Saturdays. Priestley believes some of his patients could benefit from a consultation with a medical neurologist like Surasky.

Patients may benefit from a short course of an anti-inflammatory if they have severe radiating pain into their arm or leg from a pinched nerve, according to Priestley. Surasky specializes in managing painful conditions using injections into joints and other treatments. He also performs gel injections for arthritic knees.


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