Fort Thomas chiropractic practice recognized by Sen. Rand Paul as ‘Small Business of the Week’

When Justin Florek opened his own chiropractic business in 2019, he took a significant risk. His wife Samantha joined him in the task by taking out a small business loan. Less than a year later, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and his office was closed for nearly two months.

While Justin worried about his new business, his wife, Samantha, reassured him it would be fine.

“She was like, ‘Don’t worry; you’re going to be as busy as ever, just wait for that call,’” Justin said.

The business is now flourishing, and U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) recognized its as Small Business of the Week. Paul is the Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship and gives the weekly award to small businesses that “exemplify the American entrepreneurial spirit.”

Justin Florek (left) talks with Sen. Rand Paul during the presentation of the Small Business of the Week Award.

“This is for Dr. Florek and his Small Business Award of the Week, and this is put into the Senate Record,” Paul said while handing Florek the document. “This is the same Senate Record, and one of the first things in the Senate Record is the Bill of Rights.”

Florek said it’s a tremendous honor to win the award.

“I was very surprised, caught off guard as a matter of fact,” Justin said.


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