Frederick Chiropractic Center moves to a beautiful new location keeps the same high quality services

Frederick Chiropractic Center has moved to a new location and beautiful state-of-the-art new building! Locally owned and operated the chiropractic center is still in Hutchinson and serves patients ranging from pediatric to geriatric ages.

Owner and Chiropractor Dr. Keith Frederick welcomed us in to learn about the general services offered at Frederick Chiropractic. For many years Dr Frederick has cared for patients recvoery from injuries, accidents, surgieries, etc. He has even aided in major pain relief due to muscular discomfort, irregularities, or posture concerns. Young athletes can also come to Dr Frederick for sports physicals and other assistance in regards to injury prevetnion.

If you are interested in learning more about the services offered visit Frederick Chiropractic Center on Facebook, or give them a call.


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