Georgetown business Hypermobility & Chiropractic Clinic of Austin specializes in connective tissue disorders

Brianne Schroeder owns and operates Hypermobility & Chiropractic Clinic of Austin, which opened in October 2021. (Hunter Terrell/Community Impact Newspaper)

Brianne Schroeder, owner of Hypermobility & Chiropractic Clinic of Austin, said it took passion and hard work to start her own business.

Schroeder graduated from the New York Chiropractic College with a Chiropractic Doctorate and a master’s of science in applied clinical nutrition in 2018. She did her clinical internship at the Veteran’s Affairs in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she saw complex cases.

“After my husband was accepted into [Florida State University], we moved to Tallahassee, and I began working in a clinic that allowed me to utilize my acupuncture skills,” Schroeder said.

Shortly after, Schroeder opened her first practice in Crawfordville, Florida.

“It was nice to have the freedom to pursue my true passion—working with patients with connective tissue disorders,” Schroeder said. “I began reading all of the books, taking all of the continuing education credits and became part of a nationwide panel of doctors that collaborate on treating hypermobility and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.”

Schroeder said, she was being mentored by one of the best practitioners in the nation.

When she relocated to Georgetown in 2021, Schroeder said she knew she had a calling and opened Hypermobility & Chiropractic Clinic of Austin that October. At the clinic, 60% of her patients are treated for hypermobility, Schroeder’s specialty.

“I took all of the knowledge that I had gained and opened a clinic to serve the needs of individuals dealing with a connective tissue disorder,” Schroeder said. “My goal was to provide a safe place where patients could come to get screened, obtain a clinical diagnosis or get help with symptom relief.”

On June 1, Schroeder relocated her office to 3008 Dawn Drive, Ste. 107, Georgetown. At her new location, Schroeder will begin offering specialty brain MRI readings for connective tissue disorder patients.

While Schroeder said she remains focused on providing individual care to each one of her patients, she also takes time to educate others about connective tissue disorders.

“My patients are my family, and I treat them as such,” Schroeder said. “I put 200% into each and every individual. Treatment is different for each patient because each person’s journey is different.”

Hypermobility & Chiropractic Clinic of Austin

3008 Dawn Drive, Ste. 107, Georgetown


Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m.-5 p.m., closed Sat.-Sun.


Editor’s note: This story, which first appeared in the Georgetown June 2022 edition, is part of Community Impact Newspaper’s annual health care edition.


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