Houston doctor encourages Black community to seek chiropractic therapy

HOUSTON (KIAH) – We’re celebrating Black History Month by highlighting stories in the Metro Houston Area. A local doctor opened her practice right in the heart of Houston, the third ward. The goal is to erase the stigma surrounding chiropractic therapy in the Black community.

Dr. Marquetta Giles, a Houston native, says two things attracted her to chiropractic therapy – no medicine or surgery. It’s all done with the use of your hands. She wants everyone there are many long-term benefits to seeing a chiropractor. 

“When they come in and they see someone that looks like them… who’s going to tell them that what they’re going through is not just mental. That it is real. That it is a physical element that they’re dealing with… it makes such as huge difference,” said Dr. Giles.

Dr. Giles specializes in care for pregnant women. She wants expecting mothers to know that all pregnancy pain is not common. In fact, Black women are three times more likely to die from complications. Especially, during labor and delivery. 

“A lot of it is due to cardiovascular conditions. So our goal is to make sure that that pregnancy and delivery phase goes a little bit faster,” Dr. Giles.

On the other hand, Doctor Giles says her business has expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic. Simply because everyone’s day-to-day lifestyle is constantly changing.

“There are a lot of individuals working from home. They’re sitting at a desk more. Instead of working in an office building. Standing up, moving around. Even the students, we’re seeing kids. More and more kids, especially during virtual learning with recurring headaches – stiffness in their neck and back,” said Dr. Giles.

More importantly, Dr. Giles says injuries should not be the only reason for seeing a chiropractor. It’s about prevention and not just rehabilitation. 

“Well if you have a spine, you definitely need to be seeing a chiropractor. It’s similar to seeing a dentist every six months or getting your eyes checked every year. If your spine was on your face you would definitely take better care of it,” said Dr. Giles.

Overall, seeing a chiropractor once a month can increase your mobility and longevity of life.


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