Is chiropractic care safe for seniors?

Question: I’m a big believer in seeing a chiropractor as part of my regular self-care and health routine, and I’m wondering if I can get my mom on board to help with some of the joint aches and pains she gets. Is chiropractic care safe for seniors?

Answer: Chiropractic care can be safe and effective for all ages. They should take into consideration the needs of all patients, which can differ considerably from one person to the next. While most chiropractors take excellent health histories, be sure to mention if she has decreased bone density or any other health issues, as this will provide the doctor with vital information regarding how much force they can use in their treatments. 

Active care is just as important as passive care; therefore it’s important they provide your mom with activities she can do between visits to help with her aches and pains. A big thing is to keep her moving, and chiropractic care can aid in this regard.  


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