Jess Whidden is the Animal Cracker at Emerald Coast Chiropractic

Does Fido limp, or not jump around like usual, or maybe he’s just not his usual self? He may need an Animal Cracker, and not the wafer-type cracker that comes in a little circus box. 

Jess Whidden, known as the Animal Cracker, does chiropractic work on four-legged animals at Emerald Coast Chiropractic in Destin. 

Whidden has adjusted everything from dogs and cats to horses and goats. 

“Any animal I can technically work on … but I draw the line at snakes. I’ve seen it done, but no one has asked,” Whidden said. “I tried to work on this one monkey, but he kept trying to bite me, so we just gave up on that one.” 

However, she is open to working on different animals, like maybe dolphins at the Gulfarium. 

“Why not? They have a spine,” she said. 

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