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Mark E. Jeter, D.C., who is celebrating 25 years in business on Pine Island, said it was his God-given calling to go into chiropractic work. Although he didn’t grow up going to the chiropractor, he said something about the practice seemed to hold his interest.

He obtained his undergraduate degree locally and then attended Life University, just outside Atlanta, where he received his chiropractic degree in June 1991. After receiving his license, Jeter, a Lee County native, worked in Fort Myers for a year, before opening his first clinic in Cape Coral.

Of Jeter’s four daughters, two are currently in school to become chiropractors, and of the two, one has plans to come to work with Jeter after graduation.

“I have always loved the Pine Island community. They welcomed me 25 years ago with open arms. When I first opened up on Pine Island, my wife worked with me and we would bring Olivia, who is going to come to work with me — she was a baby and we would carry her to the office and put her in a swing and the patients would talk to her and that’s the way we started out there,” Jeter said.

Jeter said he is excited by the interaction he shares with his clients at the office and getting to know them, which he sees as integral to the job. Asking the type of questions he does requires a certain degree of closeness when getting to know his patients, he said, as his desire is to get a snapshot of their lives so he knows the issues they may face, and how best to help them.

Mark Jeter and his daughter Olivia. PHOTO PROVIDED

“I ask a lot of questions of people — personal questions and I know them. I know where they used to work or if they’re retired. I try to remember what part of the country they’re from and I enjoy that. I enjoy getting to know them. I enjoy working on them physically and helping them but I enjoy the personal interaction with them as well. That’s a huge thing for me–the personal interaction,” Jeter said.

If Jeter had to go to part-time, he said he would keep the Pine Island office, where they are always accepting new patients. If chiropractic work is something someone is unsure of, Jeter said there is never a charge for a consultation.

“I’m here to stay. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon,” Jeter said.


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