Kaysville chiropractor arrested for sexually assaulting clients

KAYSVILLE, Utah (ABC4) – A man has been arrested for sexual assault of a client as a practicing chiropractor, police say.

The Kaysville Police Department has identified the suspect as 56-year-old Kenneth Pierce, a practicing chiropractor at the Right Now! Chiropractic clinic in Kaysville.

Police say Pierce is suspected of sexually assaulting two different clients while treating them at his clinic. One incident occurred on September 17, 2021 and one on July, 7 2020.

The victim from the most recent assault says Pierce inappropriately touched her private area during a chiropractic massage treatment. The victim says she froze out of fear during the assault and was scared of angering Pierce.

The victim noticed she was being recorded during the incident as she spotted a small GoPro camera attached to a ceiling light fixture in the room.

When the victim first arrived, she says Pierce mentioned her appointment was “after hours” before locking the door. The victim said no one else was in the office and at one point, wasn’t sure whether she would make it out alive.

Arresting documents say the assault lasted around 20 minutes. Police say an assault reported about Pierce back in July 2020 describes a very similar incident. Both assaults took place in the chiropractic office after hours, where Pierce locked the door behind him and proceeded to inappropriately touch the victims.

Authorities say when Piece was arrested, he admitted to touching the victims’ private areas, but claims they “wanted it.”

Pierce has been arrested on two counts of object rape and is currently booked at the Davis County Jail. Police are actively investigating both sexual assault cases at this time and are asking anyone with additional information to contact the officials at (801) 845-6408.


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