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CENTREVILLE, Va., Feb. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Dr. Eung Kwon Kim and his team at Kim Chiropractic & Rehab are proud to be celebrating 25 years of serving the chiropractic needs of residents throughout Metro DC. Dr. Kim opened his first clinic in Rockville, MD in the late 1990s. Today, Kim Chiropractic & Rehab has three clinics, in Rockville and Columbia, MD, and Centreville, VA.

Kim Chiropractic & Rehab boasts state-of-the-art facilities, complete with the latest in medical and physical therapy technologies necessary to treat patients injured in car accidents, work-related injuries, sports injuries, and spinal conditions resulting from age-related diseases and conditions.

Non-surgical and non-invasive diagnostic technologies include an onsite MRI machine, ultrasound machines, and X-ray machines. Treatment devices include electric muscle stimulation (EMS) chiropractic tables, and the DRX9000C table, most often used to treat nerve pain resulting in sciatica and lower back pain.

Kim Chiropractic & Rehab also has onsite rehabilitation rooms, equipped with exercise machines and equipment needed to restore range of motion, and improve joint and muscle function. Nutritional, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations are provided to all patients as part of the team’s holistic approach to reducing pain and improving quality of life.

The full-service chiropractic and rehab facilities provide end-to-end treatment and rehabilitation. In addition to Dr. Kim, who graduated from medical school in 2018, the team at Kim Chiropractic & Rehab also includes physicians who specialize in Body Imaging and & Orthopedic MRIs, licensed physical therapists, licensed ultrasound technicians, and multiple Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs).

Providing comprehensive care under one roof allows for fewer trips to various facilities for patients. This is especially helpful for patients who have sustained back and neck injuries including whiplash, after being involved in a car accident. Kim Chiropractic & Rehab’s team works with patients and their insurance policies to secure insurance coverage for chiropractic treatment in Maryland and Virginia following an auto accident.

To mark a quarter-century of providing premium chiropractic and rehabilitation services, Kim Chiropractic & Rehab is currently running a variety of Groupon discounts for treatment. New and existing patients may receive up to 48% off a variety of chiropractic treatment packages, including spinal decompression sessions.

About Kim Chiropractic & Rehab

Kim Chiropractic & Rehab is Metro DC’s longest-standing chiropractic clinic. The clinic specializes in treating patients injured in car accidents, work injuries, repetitive motion injuries, back pain, neck pain, sciatica, sports injuries, and numbness in the extremities. To learn more, visit the website at or visit one of our locations in Centreville, VA; Columbia, MD; or Rockville, MD or call 301-881-1000 to book your appointment today.

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