Live Free from Chronic Pain and Suffering with Mounds View Chiropractic

Integrating functional neurology and functional medicine to help patients.

Going through the daily struggles of pain can be extremely tiring. It affects one’s ability to function whether it be at home or at work, and living life suddenly becomes a hard thing to do. And in the long run, it can also drastically affect a person’s mental health. No person would like to live this way and in the search for answers to break free of the unexplainable suffering, Mounds View Chiropractic is committed to help patients that are experiencing chronic pain and not finding answers.

By integrating functional neurology and functional medicine, Mounds View Chiropractic is seeking to find relief for patients that are suffering chronic conditions such as migraines, neuropathy, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain. They do not look at the disease per se, but rather they put priority in treating the individual. Dr. Huffman and his team are well aware that people have their own unique health history which could have led to their current state. This kind of approach is what sets them apart from other clinics and they are more than proud to be known for how they impact the quality of their patients lives.

Motivated by their goal to help people find answers for their chronic health issues, Mounds View Chiropractic takes a holistic approach in caring for their patients. They start off by finding the underlying causes of the patients’ problems and provide comprehensive strategies that support the structural, neurological and metabolic factors. Their comprehensive treatment approach is combined with the latest technology in pain management like the M6 laser or Pulsed Center’s Pulse XL Pro. With this approach, they are able to kick start the rebalancing of the nervous system, the metabolic system and promote true healing.

Mounds View Chiropractic is a product of Dr. Huffman’s passion and determination to help patient’s that are chronically suffering and not finding answers or hope. Dr. Huffman has discovered that the integration of functional medicine with functional neurology has been paramount in changing the course of chronic disease in his patients.

Branded with brain based and metabolic solutions, there is no denying that Mounds View Chiropractic cares offers a unique and customized approach for their patients. From adjustment techniques, to state of the art therapies, and a comprehensive menu of lab testing, they are more than ready to be of service and find answers to alleviate pain and suffering.

It’s never too late to start the journey to wellness, so don’t lose hope. It’s possible to live a life full of vitality, freedom from pain, and an abundance of energy. Get to know more about Dr. Huffman and Mounds View Chiropractic by visiting their website at 

About Mounds View Chiropractic

Mounds View Chiropractic is a clinic run by Dr. Huffman DC, DACNB, CFMP and his staff. Their primary objective is to help patients that are chronically suffering and not finding answers.

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