Local Baltimore Chiropractor, Dr. Jarrod Lippy of Advanced Correction Chiropractic, Offers Auto Accident Injury Pain Relief Solutions

“According to Dr. Lippy at Advanced Correction Chiropractic in Baltimore, “Motor vehicle accidents come in many different forms. Even minor car accidents can lead to significant injuries. Therefore, even if your car accident in the greater Baltimore area appears relatively minor, do not be surprised if you are sore following the accident. Chiropractic care can help.””

Advanced Correction Chiropractic provides customized plans for recovery from auto accident injuries. Pain relief methods are an all natural and drug free approach.

Baltimore, MD – June 15, 2022 – Local Baltimore, MD Chiropractor, Dr. Jarrod Lippy of Advanced Correction Chiropractic, is pleased to announce that victims of automobile accidents who suffer injury can access Chiropractic measures which will relieve pain and restore mobility. This industry leading Chiropractic care in Baltimore uses the latest therapies and newest methods to assist accident victims with their recovery.

The Chiropractic techniques implemented by Dr. Jarrod Lippy are effective to address the underlying injury rather than simply masking the pain with pharmaceuticals and unnecessary surgeries. Dealing with the core issues that can ultimately lead to more severe consequences down the road if left untreated are a specialty of these pain relief experts in Baltimore.

Injuries from automobile accidents can affect any part of the body. Common areas of injury are the cervical spine as well as the upper extremities. Depending upon the location of the accident victim in the automobile during the accident, there can also be damage to the ribs, chest and torso. One of the benefits of consulting with a local Baltimore, MD Chiropractor like Dr. Lippy rather than a traditional doctor is that rapid action by the Chiropractor at Advanced Correction Chiropractic may prevent a large majority of the pain from developing both now and in the future. Dr. Lippy encounters many cases where injury and pain develops years down the road after leaving an auto accident injury unchecked and untreated.

The Baltimore Chiropractors at Advanced Correction Chiropractic provide a thorough examination designed to identify the major points of injury caused by an accident. The Chiropractic examination usually requires some form of diagnostic imaging. Once the results of the full examination are reviewed, the experienced Chiropractors in Baltimore, Maryland are able to design a treatment plan to address the various injuries and begin the process of recovery and ultimately regaining your life!

Each treatment plan at Advanced Correction Chiropractic after an automobile accident injury is customized and tailored to the individual in order to relieve the pain quickly and alleviate any related symptoms now or in the future. In addition to acute pain relief from an accident injury, Chiropractors such as Dr. Lippy offer suggestions to promote overall health improvement and continued wellness.

Learn more about healing from automobile accident injuries by visiting the expert team of health & wellness experts at Advanced Correction Chiropractic in Baltimore, Maryland.

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