Matt Tarrant’s New Chiropractic Lead Generation System Offers Improved Way of Attracting New Patients

Charnwood, England –

Charnwood, England – Matt Tarrant, digital marketer and creator of the Hyper-Local Heart-Centered Chiropractic Patient Acquisition, wants to inform everyone that his chiropractic lead generation system is an improved way of attracting new patients. It is a system for attracting people who are actually actively looking for chiropractic help. Instead of using marketing that is too bland to get people’s attention or too aggressive for a caring chiropractor to use, the new system is focused on speaking directly to the heart of what they consider to be the perfect patient. This lead generation system was the focus of a recent press release that can be accessed at

Matt Tarrant says, “Done right, it’s not just about getting people looking for a local DC. It’s about letting anyone in pain find you, including those considering surgeries, medications, or physical therapies of any sort. Of course, once you have examined them, you can refer them to other health care professionals if you find this is indicated. When you combine Heart-Centered and Hyper-Local you have a new and unique gentle caring message and a new and unique mechanism to spread the message. I like to think this is an unbeatable combination, one that will put you ahead of 99% of other health care professionals.”

Matt Tarrant started marketing just like everyone else and very soon he realized how bland it was with very few people noticing it. Or it may be just the opposite where outrageous claims are made. His mentor Dane Maxwell came up with heart-centered solution and he combined it with his own hyper-local marketing strategy. The result was a perfect combination suitable for marketing the services of chiropractors. Instead of the conventional marketing strategies, the new method begins with stories of hope and transformation. It is these stories that a person suffering from pain can connect with, making them realize that a chiropractor can offer hope for them.

Hyper-Local Heart-Centered Chiropractic Patient Acquisition is currently under beta testing and those who are interested in becoming a beta tester can get the chance of having early access to the program. In addition, they will have no obligation to pay until they actually have results.

Matt Tarrant explains, “Have you ever been in a situation where you know what you’re doing because it’s based on sound principles, but lacking proof because you have no track record? Well I’m right there. This is so new I’m looking for beta-testers and I’ll send you five new patients free of charge. In return, I’d ask you for 3-4 referrals and a case study.”

He adds, “It’s about more than bringing in a flood of new patients for healing. It’s about giving people belief. Especially when they have been through other treatments and are still crying out for your help. So that they arrive in your office, not with skepticism, but with hope in their hearts. Making them perhaps the easiest and most rewarding patients ever. As a beta testing Founder Member, you won’t pay me anything until after you get new patients, and you’ll get the best ever price I’ll offer. The first to grab this opportunity will get Exclusive Area Access to the zip codes around your office(s), instantly freezing out everyone else.”

Matt Tarrant worked as a Fellow at the Centre for High Energy Physics (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland. At CERN, he met people from a small American startup company and he decided to join that company when they opened their first office in Europe in Germany. Later on, he realized that his business unit was losing money so he took charge and was able to restore it to profitability within two quarters, and then doubled the targeted net profit over the next year with a profit of about $5.4 million. Later on, he went to join another company and he also tried developing online businesses with average success. At present, he has turned to building profit machines for business owners.

Those who want to know more about his new lead generation system for chiropractors and other related programs can check out the Matt G Tarrant website, or contact him on the phone or through email. To find out about developments regarding Matt Tarrant, people can check out his media room at


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