Merkados Designs and Develops ‘Cleveland Chiropractic and Massage’ New Website

Merkados is excited to announce the completion of the new “Cleveland Chiropractic and Massage” website. The website is now live and can be viewed at

The new bilingual (English and Spanish) custom website was designed and developed by Merkados and features a modern and responsive design that looks great on any device. The website also includes a powerful content management system that allows administrators to easily update the website’s content, images, and videos in a visual and intuitive way.

“Merkados did a great job designing and developing our brand and our new website. Our brand looks and feels fresh and accurately represents our core values: safe, gentle, thoughtful and transformative. The website looks great and is very user-friendly. We are extremely happy with the final product and would highly recommend Merkados to anyone looking for a professional and strategic website,” said Dr. Ferez, owner of Cleveland Chiropractic and Massage.

For more information or to request a quote for digital marketing and website design, please visit or call 888-525-8117.

Source: Merkados Interactive Partners LLC.


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