Merrill Chiropractic: Klug opens E. Main St. office


A new chiropractic office opened east of Center Ave. in Merrill on Aug. 2, 2021.

Located at 1219 E. Main St. in the building that was formerly a pawn shop, Travis Klug, DC, now owns and operates Merrill Chiropractic. Currently, he is the only doctor practicing in the office, but the business also employs chiropractic assistant, Kasey Haskins. Everyone loves her, Dr. Klug said. “She has such a welcoming personality and she keeps everything running smoothly at Merrill Chiropractic.”

Dr. Travis Klug adjusts a patient in his new office at Merrill Chiropractic. He opened the practice in August 2021. Tina L. Scott photo.

Why chiropractic?
“I grew up going to the chiropractor quite often as a kid, and this grew my interest in the profession at a young age,” Dr. Klug said. “I was fascinated by how the human body works and how it has this amazing ability to heal when given the proper tools. I also came to the realization that there are far too many drugs and unnecessary surgeries in the United States.”

“I knew that I wanted to help others, and to me, chiropractic just made sense,” he said. “Chiropractic is the tool that helps ensure our bodies can heal more effectively and efficiently by restoring proper nervous system function.”

Success stories: making a difference
Dr. Klug said he really appreciates hearing patients’ success stories after chiropractic care.

“We love meeting new people and getting to know a little bit about their lives, and how they have been able to enjoy their lives more after starting care!” he said. “We have a patient here that just started a few weeks ago and he used to walk all the time and enjoys being outdoors. About a year and a half ago, he began to have extreme hip pain, and his hips kept locking up to the point where he could barely walk up and down his stairs.”

“This week he walks into our office and is ecstatic that he has no problem walking up and down his stairs anymore, and he literally starts jumping in our office to show his progress.”

“Those are the things that I love the most about our business,” Dr. Klug said. “It is a great feeling knowing we are making a difference in someone’s life and ultimately improving the community.”

Tailored care plans
“At Merrill Chiropractic, we really focus on individually tailored and affordable care plans for our patients,” he said. “We give people the ability to see what is causing their pain or condition and offer them a solution.”

“In many cases, they have tried other forms of treatment, including medications or getting ready for surgery. Chiropractic offers people hope for getting back to a pain-free life,” Dr. Klug said.

“One challenge in the chiropractic community is helping the public, and patients, understand that healing takes time,” Dr. Klug said. “Often, people come into our office with an ailment that has been giving them trouble for several months to years with an expectation that they will be ‘fixed’ after the first visit. When in reality, the longer someone has been dealing with a condition, the more damage has been done and time is required to heal.”

“We take the time to educate and help people understand that healing is a process,” he said. “We like to go over x-rays with patients to show them the problem and how long it has been there. This helps patients understand the process it took to get there and the process it will take to heal and get them better.”

“Our goal is to always provide the best care to as many people in this community as possible,” Dr. Klug said. “We have been staying very busy at Merrill Chiropractic, which we love! Our patients really enjoy coming to Merrill Chiropractic, and our number of referrals are growing each month, which is ultimately the greatest compliment we can receive.”

“Although we hope you choose Merrill Chiropractic, we ultimately want our community to get the help they need by seeking care with someone they are comfortable with in the chiropractic community,” he said. “We enjoy giving people the opportunity to come in and see what we have to offer, tell us about their conditions or concerns, and then putting a plan together to help them reach their goals.”

“On occasion, we refer patients out to other providers in the community because they may be a better fit for them, or they have a specific therapy or table that will better assist them in reaching their health goals,” Dr. Klug said.

Special therapies and plans for the future
His office offers some special chiropractic therapies. “Aside from chiropractic adjustments, we also offer intersegmental traction, which is a table that helps to stretch and mobilize the spine,” he said. “Our patients absolutely love this!”

He hopes to be able to add additional therapy tables to help with an array of conditions in the near future. “This will allow us to offer more to the community and give us the ability to serve more people,” Dr. Klug said.

He is also planning to grow his office staff. “Soon we will be hiring another staff member for our front desk to help us accommodate the growing number of patients we are seeing,” he said.


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