Mlily strikes partnership with chiropractors association for sleep products

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Bedding producer Mlily USA has secured the endorsement of the International Chiropractors Assn. for its complete sleep products line, and the two organizations will collaborate to develop new products.

Under terms of the long-term agreement, the ICA seal will begin appearing on Mlily’s product.

The company said its products recently completed an evaluation by ICA’s review board of chiropractors and were recognized for allowing the spine to be in its natural position while providing support for the body during sleep.

“Our company has always been at the forefront of sleep science, so the ICA endorsement was very rewarding to us,” said Glenn Kobylarczyk, executive vice president Mlily USA. “The fact that all our mattresses met their high standards across the board is a real testament to our company’s senior leadership and our research and development team. So many companies in the mattress space make claims about healthy sleep, but this endorsement sets Mlily apart in terms of our products meeting a higher standard.”

The ICA, an international professional group representing practitioners, students, educators, chiropractic assistants, works to promote the practice of chiropractic as a health care profession based on science, art and philosophy.

In addition to the product endorsement, the ICA will assist with Mlily’s research and development team on new products. The manufacturer will be able to tap into the organization’s scientific research and be able to access the thought-leadership of its members.

A training program for Mlily’s sales representatives and retail sales associates has been developed.


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