New at-large director elected to National Board of Chiropractic Examiners Board of Directors

Donna Mannello, DC, was elected Sept. 8, 2022, by the NBCE Board of Directors to serve as an at-large director, filling an open seat until the 2023 Annual Meeting at which time she will be eligible for re-election.

Mannello resides in Omaha, Neb., and has been a licensed chiropractor since 1987, and is a graduate of Westfield State College and Logan College of Chiropractic. Mannello was a faculty member at Logan in the Clinical Science and Chiropractic Divisions from 1991-2020. In addition, she contributed to both the Research Department and Postgraduate Department.

During her tenure, Mannello was awarded the Outstanding Faculty Award multiple times, and was named professor emeritus at Logan University. Mannello has also provided her expertise to the NBCE, serving on the Part II Test Writing Committee from 1992-2006, and as the overall in charge and standardized patient trainer at the Logan Part IV test site from 1995-2020.

About NBCE
Headquartered in Greeley, Co., the NBCE is the international testing organization for the chiropractic profession, with the mission of ensuring professional competency through excellence in testing. Established in 1963, the NBCE develops, administers, and scores standardized examinations for candidates seeking chiropractic licensure in all 50 states, the
District of Columbia, and in several international countries. For more information, please contact the Communication Department at [email protected] or 970-356-9100.


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