New Chiropractic Patient Acquisition System Now Available for One Chiropractic Office in Des Moines

Dover, May 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dover, Delaware –

Matt G Tarrant is happy to announce that My Nearby Chiro Des Moines, a new patient acquisition system for chiropractors, is currently available for just one out of the 181 chiropractic offices listed on Google Maps for Des Moines, Iowa. My Nearby Chiro Des Moines will be partnering with this particular office to tell their best patients’ “stories of hope and transformation,” which is a core principle of the Heart-Centered Hyper-Local Chiropractic Patient Acquisition system developed by Matt G Tarrant. The stories will be anonymized to protect the patients but these stories will serve to attract more new patients who were served well by the chiropractic office. These are patients who respond to treatment well and are a joy to work with, in other words, the perfect patients.

My Nearby Chiro Des Moines will tell these stories to the residents of Des Moines and will make sure that the selected chiropractic office will receive a stream of new perfect patients. The chiropractor, apart from recounting the patients’ stories, will do nothing more but treat the new patients. My Nearby Chiro Des Moines will be sending the selected chiropractic office five new patients for free, since wise chiropractors will likely be wary of new marketing systems. At a national average of $750 as first year value of a patient, this means the chiropractic office will be getting paid $3,750 for storytelling and for testing the system if it really works before investing in it. Chiropractors wanting to know more (in Des Moines, or other cities) can text “DC28” to (857) 776-3443.

Matt G Tarrant says, “If you need more patients to keep everyone (including you) happy and busy today… and confident as you face the future… then your current website and listings and social and ads and what-not… cannot be working well enough. And that’s not your fault. It’s just like you don’t notice you’re living with air all around. Until it blows a gale. Let’s blow, not just a gale, but a hurricane. Let’s make people notice you. The breakthrough you seek to fill your calendar is the new way of attracting patients that you’re about to find out about.”

Realizing early on that most marketing was either too bland that most people would not be attracted by it or it was too outrageous in its claims, Matt G Tarrant decided to look for a solution. It was his mentor Dane Maxwell who suggested the heart-centered secret sauce, which is based on telling stories about home and transformation. People tend to be attracted to stories and this allows the marketing to avoid being bland or outrageous in its claims. People who are in pain or who have a problem will find it easy to relate to those stories. Although they are anonymous to protect the privacy of the patients, these are perfect for the chiropractor who can provide the solution to the pain and discomfort that the patient is suffering from. The only thing needed now is the hyper-local marketing ingredient to allow people, who could be the perfect patient, listen to those stories. This is the basis of the new chiropractic marketing system that will be tested.

Matt Tarrant was a Fellow at the Centre for High Energy Physics (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland and it was there at CERN that he got to know a number of people from a small American startup company. He became part of that company when they established their first office in Europe in Germany but he soon discovered that his business unit was failing, so he decided to offer some solutions and he was successful in making it profitable after two quarters. Later on, he was able to double the targeted net profit over the next year with a profit of about $5.4 million. When he went joined another company later on, he was also able to develop online businesses with average success. At present, he has decided to specialize in building profit machines for business owners.

Those who would like to know more about the new chiro marketing system can check out the My Nearby Chiro Des Moines website at, and text “DC28” to (857) 776-3443.


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