New data revealing serious health concerns for Australians working from home to be released with inaugural Workspace Week (22-28 August).



New data revealing serious health concerns for Australians working from home to be released with the launch of the inaugural national Workspace Week (22-28 August). 


With studies revealing the impact on the health of Australians working from home, on Sunday 21 August the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA) will release the results of two national surveys revealing an alarming increase in spinal health related injuries that may be caused due to unsafe work practices in home workspaces.


To help minimise physical injuries in people working from home, in an Australian first, the ACA (the organisation behind Spinal Health Week in May), is launching the inaugural national Workspace Week to promote the importance of ergonomically correct workspaces at home and provide newly developed FREE resources to help workers avoid potentially serious injuries and promote overall wellbeing.


Due to living with COVID-19 over the past three years, the majority of Australians have worked in hybrid settings shared between home and office locations that may be continuing to impact their health.


Following the survey conducted by the ACTU which found 42% of Australians working from home did not have a suitable workstation or the correct equipment when working from home; and the Federal Government’s announcement in August 2021 that up to two-thirds of Australians were still working from home, the ACA undertook two national surveys to evaluate the risk factors and develop solutions.


To gauge the impact on the health of people who’ve been working remotely since the pandemic began, in April 2022 the ACA commissioned a national survey among workers with questions relating to working from home.


Based on these findings, ACA conducted a second national survey, this time among ACA chiropractors to learn the impact of working in non-ergonomically correct workspaces is having on Australians.


The results to be released on 21 August are alarming, revealing that a large number of Australians working from home are putting their health at risk due to home workspaces being set up incorrectly.


To address these statistics, through initiating national Workspace Week, the ACA aims to minimise serious health risks caused when working from home by educating Australians about the importance of postural correctness in an ergonomic workspace environment so they can work well from anywhere.


During national Workspace Week, the ACA will urge the hundreds-of-thousands of Australians working remotely, to get moving and download the Workspace Checklist and redesigned FREE Straighten Up app. 


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The ACA have a number of media spokespersons and case studies located in all states and territories with national spokespersons including Dr David Cahill, President, Australian Chiropractic Association and Dr Damian Kristof. 


Dr David Cahill – President, Australian Chiropractic Association – National, NSW & Victoria
ACA President, Dr David Cahill has been a registered, practicing chiropractor since 1991, in the Malvern East area since 1998. He loves helping people of all ages, from newborn babies and toddlers, to those in their more senior years.  David has always been very active in post-graduate education, continually upskilling in many aspects of chiropractic. Since 2016 David has been the chiropractor for the Hawthorn Football Club. He enjoys taking care of the elite footballers, integrating his chiropractic care in a team with the other support disciplines, particularly physiotherapy.  David’s passion is to truly help people have transformative experiences through chiropractic, and to better explore their magnificent potential.


Dr Damian Kristof – National, NSW & Victoria

Nutritionist, Naturopath and Chiropractor, Dr Damian Kristof is a highly sought-after presenter and speaker in the Wellness industry. With over 20 years of experience, Damian’s in-depth knowledge of the body, nervous system, food functions and responses coupled with his friendly and dynamic presenting style, has him in high demand. Focusing on food as key to unlocking optimal health and wellness, Damian presents in-depth facts and concepts that have never before been readily available to the public – offering all audiences from industry experts to the general public highly valuable content as he engages, educates and inspires audiences across the globe.


Dr Anthony Coxon – Vice President of the Australian Chiropractors Association – Victoria
Anthony is a caring and respected chiropractor with 30 years’ experience. In 2009, he completed Post Doctorate studies in Chiropractic Neurorehabilitation. This additional qualification gives Anthony skills in dealing with more complex cases, particularly patients that experience balance disorders and dizziness.

He is the current Vice President of the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA). In addition to running a busy practice, Anthony has also appeared on countless print, radio and television media spots including ‘A Current Affair’, ‘Today Tonight’, the ‘Today Show’ and the Evening news on all commercial television stations. Anthony sees daily how chiropractic care and a healthy lifestyle can bring vitality and wellbeing to his patients. 


Dr Joshua Tymms – Western Australia
Dr Joshua Tymms discovered chiropractic as a child and has been fascinated with its application ever since. He graduated from Murdoch University with a Double Degree in 2006 and is registered as a chiropractor. He finished his International Chiropractic Sports Science Diploma in 2007 and has worked at many international level sports events. He is currently studying a double masters in public health and business administration to help build skills in these areas.


Dr Billy Chow – South Australia
Dr Billy Chow graduated as a chiropractor from RMIT University in 1998. Since graduating he has had a varied and enriching career in private practice, on boards and in business. Dr Chow is passionate about educating and inspiring people to make better choices and to live happier and healthier lives. Dr Chow believes that being on the Spinal Research Board is an honour and allows him to give back to his profession through service and provides him an avenue to promote, fund and facilitate more research faster for the chiropractic profession.


Dr Ashley Dent – Tasmania
Dr Dent graduated from Macquarie University in Sydney in 2010 where he was awarded the Ed Devereaux Award for Services to the Student Body. He is active within the Australian Chiropractors Association at a state and national level chairing the public engagement committee and being a member of two other committees. He volunteers his time with St Vincent de Paul to bring chiropractic care to the homeless and vulnerable in Hobart. Dr Dent has a keen passion for helping people improve their long standing (chronic) back and neck pain and then progressing their spinal health through exercise and rehabilitation so that they are stronger and healthier than they’ve ever been.


Kim Lie Jom – New South Wales

Dr Kim Lie Jom is a caring, dynamic and talented chiropractor with over 20 years’ experience that has earned the respect and trust of his professional colleagues and patients alike. Kim’s knowledge of chiropractic grew as did his interest within the profession. Paediatric chiropractic, sports chiropractic and the concept of wellness chiropractic are of particular interest to him. With three young children of his own he is very aware of how making healthy lifestyle choices from a young age will serve you later in life. He is passionate about chiropractic and feels that the profession has enormous health benefits to offer the community at large and his goal is to educate and adjust as many families as possible toward optimal health through natural chiropractic care. 


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