Northeast Fresno chiropractic clinic attracts patients with non-traditional approach to care

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — The pandemic has led more people to focus on their health and wellness, with a northeast Fresno chiropractic clinic seeing an increase in customers.

Pops and cracks are sounds heard throughout The Joint Chiropractic in River Park — signs of a successful visit.

That feeling keeps patients coming back to the business.

“We’ve seen as many as 113 in one day,” said owner Dr. Daniel Rae. “I want to say 21 of them were new.”

With many people working from home during the pandemic, the Joint’s owner has seen an increase in the need for chiropractic care.

“Everything is down here,” Rae said as he pretended to type on a laptop. “So we end up doing this type of thing and putting a lot of stress on that neck.”

According to Rae, patients are getting high-quality care, but he believes the business’s new approach retains and attracts patients.

“I’ve actually been to a lot of chiropractors, and they’re the best,” said Stephen Montez.

The Joint is a walk-in clinic, and its location is convenient.

“Because they’re already coming to this location on a weekly basis, as is maybe to the Target or Farmer’s Market,” Rae said.

It’s also open late and on weekends, insurance isn’t needed, and there are affordable membership plans available.

“For those four visits, they’re typically getting, in our clinic, what they would get in one visit somewhere else,” said Rae.

In less than a year, Rae is impressed by the Joint’s growth. He is planning to expand by opening a spot in northwest Fresno and looking at Visalia as another location.

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