Northville Chiropractic Launches New Website and Highlights

Northville Chiropractic Launches New Website and Highlights

Northville, Jan. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Northville, Michigan –

Northville Chiropractic in Northville, MI, is happy to announce the launch of their new website and they expect it to highlight the kind of treatment that they provide. Rather than simply providing treatment for pain, they offer the optimization of the quality of life of their patients. Dr. Josh Howe, the chiropractor behind Northville Chiropractic, tends to spend more time during the first visit to ensure a thorough evaluation of the body’s ability to heal is performed. They primary goal is to help clients learn how to maximize their health. They want to clarify that they don’t treat anything but instead, they merely remove obstructions to help the body to function at a higher level. The service areas of Northville Chiropractic include Northville and the neighboring areas of: South Lyon, Plymouth, Canton, Novi, Farmington, Wixom, and Milford.

Dr. Josh Howe says, “My life mission is to use advanced knowledge, life experience and natural talents to educate, inspire, empower, and help people to live long, healthy, and fruitful lives expressing their full potential. The website will help us expand the number of people that can be reached.”

Northville Chiropractic provides natural pain relief for patients even though their top priority is to help people in reaching ideal wellness. Because of the body functioning more normally under care, patients are also able to achieve relief from a broad range of symptoms as well. And because Dr. Howe had been well trained under experts, after a thorough evaluation, he will determine what is required to make the patient feel better and have a quality of life that is at a higher level. The systematic chiropractic approach that they use may enable patients to achieve relief from chronic conditions such as headaches, neck and back pain, acid reflux, numbness, tingling, and sciatiaca. The chiropractic care provided may also help improve energy levels and quality of sleep, while also enabling patients to feel less stressed.

Evidence of the high quality of chiropractic care provided at Northville Chiropractic can be obtained from the highly positive reviews they have been receiving. In fact, they have an enviable overall rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars on Google.

In a recent review, Stephanie R. gave them a five star rating and said, “I’ve been going to Dr. Howe for a couple years. I started going to him because he performs full spine diversified and Gonstead adjustments. He first fixed a bad pelvic tilt that was causing multiple issues. A year later I slipped on ice and got a neck and lower back injury the he helped heal and continues to keep it that way. He is passionate and knowledgeable about holistic health, always sharing and starting meaningful conversations. Highly recommend.”

Northville Chiropractic was founded by Dr. Josh Howe, who is a graduate of the renowned Life University and had been under the long-term care of Dr. Jame O’Dell. This means that he had first-hand experience on the advantages provided by regular chiropractic care. Due to his experience, it became clear to him that chiropractic care provide the best way for him to help people get back and improve their health. It was while he was working on his doctoral program in Georgia that he also completed an optional internship with Dr. Robert Braile, a heavily involved chiropractor of 40 years. And shortly after his graduation, Dr. Howe was able to serve as associate doctor at East Stadium Chiropractic Wellness Center in Ann Arbor, MI, where he cared for patients from all walks of life and all ages, allowing him to further improve on his craft under the mentorship of renowned and successful chiropractor Dr. Brian Kroes.

Those who are interested in learning more about the chiropractic services available at Northville Chiropractic can visit their website or contact them on the phone or through email. People who would like to now more about the chiropractic clinic can also check out their social media page.


For more information about Northville Chiropractic, contact the company here:

Northville Chiropractic
Dr. Josh Howe
(248) 348-6166
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