One Chiropractic Office in Augusta to Be Chosen for Testing of New Chiropractic Patient Acquisition System

Dover, May 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dover, Delaware –

Matt G Tarrant is looking for one chiropractic office to test My Nearby Chiro Augusta, a new patient acquisition system for chiropractors. He wants to make it clear that only one out of the 95 chiropractic offices listed on Google maps for Augusta, GA, will be chosen to try the marketing system, which is based on Matt Tarrant’s “Heart-Centered Hyper-Local Chiropractic Patient Acquisition” principles. My Nearby Chiro Augusta will be working with the chiropractic office to relate their best patients’ “stories of hope and transformation,” or how they had been enduring a life with pain and suffering and were able to get their lives back.

The stories will be anonymized to protect the privacy of the patients but these are stores of hope and transformation that can attract new patients, particularly those are considered to be the “perfect patients” because they are the ones who response well to treatment and chiropractors find it a joy to work with them. My Nearby Chiro Augusta will be telling these stories to people living in Augusta and surrounding areas, allowing the chiropractic office to get a stream of new perfect patients. Aside from recounting their patients’ stories, the chiropractic office would not need to do anything except provide treatment to the new patients.

Perfect patients for one chiropractor in Augusta

The first five patients that result from the My Nearby Chiro Augusta patient acquisition system will be made available to the chiropractic office for free. With the national average first-year value of a new patient estimated to be $750, the chiropractic office will gain 5 x $750 = $3,750 for storytelling. It’s like getting paid to test the system really works before investing in it. Chiropractors interested in learning more (in Augusta, or other cities) can text “DC28” to (857) 776-3443.

With regards to his Heart-Centered Hyper-Local Chiropractic Patient Acquisition system, Matt G Tarrant says, “It’s the brand new way for chiropractors to reach out with love in their hearts. Reach out to people in pain. Heart to heart. To get people to trust you enough to let you into their lives. To allow you to heal them. (It could also be healing for you to connect with people this way – to align your business brain with your carer’s soul.) DCs, by nature and nurture, through eight years of training, by transforming patients’ lives, are perfectly placed to attract new patients without creating icky energy, remorse, or skepticism.”

Matt Tarrant points out that the system has to do with more than simply bringing in a stream of new patients for healing. It is actually about giving people belief, particularly when they have already undergone a number of treatments but were not able to get the relief they were looking for. Thus, the new patients arrive at the chiropractic office with new hope in their hearts, which makes them the easiest and most rewarding patients the chiropractor will ever have.

When Matt G Tarrant started with marketing, he soon realized that most are either too bland that most people don’t get attracted by it, or its claims were unbelievable. Both were not acceptable so he searched for a solution and he came across his mentor Dane Maxwell’s heart-centered secret sauce that is based on telling stories of about hope and transformation, which are effective because people can easily relate to the stories. All that he needed to do was add a hyper-local marketing system to put the stories in front of people.

Matt Tarrant was working at the Centre for High Energy Physics (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland, when he met some people working for a small US startup company. Later on, he transferred to that company when they launched their first office in Europe, specifically in Germany. But he later discovered that the company was not making money, so he decided to help and he was indeed successful in making it profitable after six months. And over the next year, he was able to double the targeted net profit to about $5.4 million. When he joined another company, he was able to demonstrate that he could build online businesses with average success. Today, he is focused on developing profit machines for business owners.

Chiropractors who are interested in learning more about the new marketing system for chiropractors can check out the My Nearby Chiro Augusta website at and text “DC28” to (857) 776-3443.


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