One Man’s Opinion: Still rosy for Rosen | News

One Man’s Opinion: Still rosy for Rosen | News

Few industries took more of a beating from this easing pandemic than tourism and travel. Even in Orlando, Fla., one of the tourism capitals in the world, the impacts were real and lasting, and even some of the titans of the industry felt the crowd losses.

And yet, the third largest hotelier (owner/operator) in that market, a name well-known in Central Florida, and for regular Orlando visitors, didn’t just survive, he and his several thousand employees have thrived, with their group enterprise smelling like a rose. Rosen Hotels & Resorts is in fact the largest privately-owned hotel operator in Florida, with more than 6,500 hotel rooms, two convention centers, and other facilities, primarily along the I-4 and the International Boulevard tourism and convention corridor of Orlando.

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