Part 2: What Are the Main Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments?

Part 2: What Are the Main Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments?

By Dr. Molly Casey

There are many benefits to regular chiropractic adjustments in your health and wellness routine. These benefits are often unknown or overlooked, probably because they are not pain- or symptom-related, yet I contend they are the most important and impactful benefits.

Part 1 of this series discussed the impact of regular chiropractic care on improved nervous system communication and increased relaxation.

Two other benefits of seeing your chiropractor regularly include an improved immune system and increased rates of healing.

Boosts Immune System

When considering the role that routine chiropractic care can have on your health, it’s imperative to understand that every cell, system, structure, and organ in the body functions as a result of the brain communicating with it — and vice versa. It is logical to infer that anything improving or promoting optimal nervous system communication is going to improve the function of each cell, system, structure, and organ. This includes the immune system.

Research, including that of Ronald Pero, PhD, for an August 1989 article “Medical Researcher Excited by CBSRF Project Results” in The Chiropractic Journal, has shown that chiropractic adjustments can positively affect the immune system in two separate ways. Chiropractic adjustments decrease physical stress and increase an overall sense of well-being. Stress is a known irritant to the immune system and the body’s ability to fight off infection and disease. So, by reducing stress, the irritants on the immune system are decreased, therefore its ability to fight infection and disease are increased.

Studies also show chiropractic adjustments positively influence T cell production — white blood cells that originate in bone marrow. They are an essential part of the immune system.T cells help fight infection and focus on specific foreign particles within the body. When the production of these cells increases, the immune system is better equipped to handle any stressors that may come your way.

Increases Rates of Healing

The nervous system includes the brain, the spinal cord, and the miles and miles of nerves that travel throughout the body to each cell, system, structure, and organ. This communication system controls the level of functioning and performance in the body. It also controls your rate of healing when you do run into infections, diseases, and injuries. By increasing the communication between brain and body/body and brain, you increase the functionality of the systems within the body that regulate inflammation, healing, tissue regeneration, joint mobility, and so on. By including regular chiropractic adjustments as a part of your health and life you’ll ensure that your body is always prepared to optimally heal itself.


Most people in society are focused on pain and symptoms.This is akin to repeatedly putting out small fires without looking for the spark that causes the flames. This approach ultimately results in a much bigger fire that cannot be negated or ignored — and possibly can’t be extinguished at all. There is an approach to good life and health, but it takes a more proactive path and regular chiropractic adjustments can play an integral role in that journey.

Regular chiropractic care promotes optimal nervous system communication, increased relaxation, boosts to the immune system, and increases rates of healing. When you realize these benefits, you realize that seeing a chiropractor regularly can truly change your life. Stop in to see how the doctors at The Joint Chiropractic can help you help yourself and your health!

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