PayDC Chiropractic EHR Chooses MeldRx™ to Meet Cures Act Requirements

PayDC (Chiropractic EHR Software) chooses MeldRx™ to meet and exceed the Cures Act requirements by enabling the bi-directional exchange of data between providers and patients.

ST. LOUIS (PRWEB) September 28, 2022

MeldRx™ is a comprehensive Ecosystem developed by Darena Solutions for EHRs, providers, and their patients. This Ecosystem includes the ONC Certified FHIR® API that allows EHRs to meet all the certification mandates and future-proofs them from evolving regulatory and interoperability requirements. The ecosystem relieves practitioners from the burdens of integration, interpreting regulations, finding solutions, and staff disruption.

“Ensuring compliance with federal regulatory requirements has always been a cornerstone of the services we provide our family of practices,” commented David Klein, COO of PayDC. “The complexity of ensuring compliance with the Cures Act required certain expertise, and we knew we could count on Darena Solutions as a trusted partner not just to meet but exceed those requirements.”

Wayne Singer, VP of Regulatory Services, says, “we are excited to partner with PayDC and help them achieve compliance with the ‘Certify and Provide’ mandates for the (g)(10) FHIR® API and share the complete Electronic Health Information (EHI) securely. By implementing MeldRx, PayDC would enable Chiropractors to not just share the data with the patients but receive provider-validated data back from them to deliver optimal care.”


PayDC is unlike any other chiropractic EHR company in the world. Here you will find a dedicated team that puts you first, not on hold; that works every day to add features in order to empower you, not to nickel-and-dime you; and that gives you and your staff the respect you deserve. Find out how Rebels do EHR at


MeldRx™ is a technology platform designed by Darena Solutions to solve the unique challenges of Healthcare Data Management by leveraging open standards, established data security best practices, and collaboration between Patients, Providers, Researchers, and Health IT Developers. BlueButtonPRO, the nation’s first ONC-certified FHIR API solution, is now a part of the MeldRx Ecosystem.


Darena Solutions delivers an Ecosystem of FHIR® enabled interoperability, regulatory compliance, and analytics solutions to EHRs, providers, and payers. By creating channels for data sharing between providers, payers, and patients, Darena enables healthcare organizations to achieve compliance and derive insights for prospective decision-making resulting in better patient outcomes. You can connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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