Sirens: Assault Reported at White Horse Tavern; Vehicle Hits Yelm Chiropractic Building; Vandalism Reported at Nisqually; Hit-and-Run Occurs at Walmart

Sirens – Yelm Police Department

Assault Reported at White Horse Tavern

Yelm police officers responded to a call at around 10:15 p.m. on Wednesday, March 23 when the reporting party called and stated she’d been assaulted at the White Horse Tavern.

Upon arrival, officers learned the suspect came up from behind and struck the reporting party.

According to a police report, the reporting party was friends with the suspect’s ex-partner.

Prior to police officers arriving, the suspect allegedly challenged the reporting party to a fight outside, and the reporting party declined and called the police department instead.

After the incident, the suspect was issued a criminal citation for fourth-degree assault.

Vehicle Hits Yelm Chiropractic Building

Yelm police officers responded to a call on Thursday, March 24 after a client of Yelm Chiropractic called and reported a hit-and-run.

According to the police report, the reporting party witnessed a vehicle strike the northeast corner of Yelm Chiropractic.

After the incident, the vehicle fled the scene.

When officers contacted the business, they were already aware of the situation.

Surveillance footage captured photos of the vehicle.

Vandalism Reported at Nisqually

Yelm police officers responded to a call on Monday, March 21 after they were notified of fresh blue spray paint on a building.

The reported vandalism included a monster looking character above the wording “southside.”

A lid to the alleged spray paint can was located, however, there was no suspect information. 

The tagging will be removed and painted over.

Hit-and-Run Occurs at Yelm Walmart

Yelm police officers responded to a call at around 1 p.m. on Sunday, March 20 after a shopper at Walmart called to report his vehicle had been struck.

Upon arrival, officers were able to distinguish that a dark vehicle had struck the reporting party’s car, as there was a dark paint transfer.

Officers were also made aware by Walmart employees that a man wearing construction clothing came into the store, and admitted he had struck a silver Toyota, which matched the description of the reporting party’s vehicle.

However, the man did not provide any insurance or identification information, and left.

Due to the graininess of the surveillance footage, officers were not able to identify a license plate or a suspect.


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