Sports Medicine Available to Campus Community

Homer Rice Center for Sports Performance offers physical therapy and chiropractic services.

The Georgia Tech Athletic Association’s Randy Rhino (left), chiropractor, and Charlie Ridgeway, physical therapist, treat many on-campus patients in addition to student-athletes. Photo by Rob Felt.

The Georgia Tech Athletic Association’s Homer Rice Center for Sports Performance is dedicated to enhancing the performance of Tech’s student-athletes. But did you know the facility also offers physical therapy and chiropractic services to all Tech students, employees, and their families?

“I’ve had many on-campus patients begin treatment and say, ‘I sure wish I had known about this five years ago,’” said Randy Rhino, chiropractor for Georgia Tech Athletics. Rhino often partners with Charlie Ridgeway, a physical therapist on staff at the center.

Because many employees have been working from home more often during the pandemic, Rhino has seen an increase in patients experiencing more aches and pains in their backs, shoulders, and necks. Employees without an ergonomically correct workstation at home often resort to sitting in a regular chair at the kitchen table. This can result in forward head tilt syndrome.

“The muscles in your neck and shoulders are having to compensate to hold up your head,” Rhino explained. “Students and employees come in with a stiff neck or tightness in the mid-back from sitting awkwardly and staring at a computer.” 

A former Georgia Tech football player, Rhino is physically active and warns about the dangers of sitting for long periods. He gets up from his chair at least once an hour. And he believes there is merit to the saying that sitting is the new smoking.

“I use that phrase all the time in my talks,” he said. “The medical profession is finding that prolonged sitting leads to a lot of health issues other than just neck pain. This includes digestive issues and even coronary issues.”

Rhino suggests implementing an exercise program to increase flexibility, maintain mobility, and strengthen the spine.

“We need to treat our spine the way we treat our teeth,” he said. “You brush your teeth every day. You don’t just wait until your appointment and let the hygienist clean your teeth. It should be the same with your spine. You need to do daily stretches and exercises to strengthen your spine.”

The chiropractic and physical therapy practices at the Homer Rice Center are Blue Cross Blue Shield preferred providers. A referral is required for physical therapy, and most major insurance providers are accepted. No referral is needed for chiropractic services. Patients may pay out of pocket if they choose. To inquire about chiropractic services, call 404.385.0446. For physical therapy, call 404.385.4115.



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