The Best Chiropractor in Houston, Texas: Dr. Mazen Zaibak of Bridgeland Chiropractic

March 17: Throughout the world, there has been a dramatic influx in the amount of individuals who require specialized health care. The pandemic through COVID-19 and other exacerbating factors have made this current era the most relevant for health professionals. As technology advances, and skills are honed, those with a respectable desire to help others have shined bright through the darkness. 

Amongst these health care professionals who continues to provide quality healthcare is Dr. MazenZaibak. Dr. Zaibak is a chiropractor located in Houston, Texas, and he is widely regarded as one of the best in the state of Texas. Dr. Zaibak, the proud CEO of Bridgeland Chiropractic, strives to improve patients’ overall quality of life in the most holistic ways possible. For those of you unfamiliar, chiropractors are health care professionals who treat patients suffering from skeletal, muscular, and neurological symptoms that they may be experiencing. Dr. Zaibak’s knowledge of the human body and its inner workings allows him to provide useful treatment to help resolve some of these conditions. Chiropractors are best known for performing “adjustments” by manually manipulating the spine and other joints in the body. Ironically, the body is interrelated. A chiropractor can help you if you have other conditions like chronic headaches, arthritis, or have recently been in a car accident. Even if you are in good health, it is often recommended to visit a chiropractor to ensure that your physiological range of motion and joint movement are in pristine conditions, which can save you from developing chronic conditions, like arthritis, later in life. 

Dr. MazenZaibak himself was born in Ramallah, Palestine, on November 12, 1991. He attended high school at the Evangelical Episcopal School in the West Bank. Dr. Zaibak later moved to the United States, where he attended college at the University of Houston. Through rigorous coursework, Dr. Zaibak completed his Bachelor of Science in Biology with an astonishing 4.0 GPA. Shortly after he completed his undergraduate education and graduation as UH Valedictorian, Mazen decided to put his degree to good use by applying to Texas Chiropractic College, a prestigious school located in Pasadena, Texas. TCC has been producing well-qualified healthcare providers since the early 1900’s and was one of the nations first established chiropractic schools. 

Dr. Zaibak worked with a very respected chiropractor after graduating from TCC near the top of his class. After working and training his skills until he was proficient, Dr. Zaibak decided to venture off and begin his own practice. His lifelong ambition has been to assist those in desperate need of assistance, and this has truly come to life in his new business endeavors. Dr. Zaibak thought it best to focus his healthcare on those who were the victims of health-altering car crashes. These individuals, some of whom were involved in terrible accidents, had so much taken from them in the span of seconds. These patients now suffer from chronic pain and agony, which seems almost irreconcilable. Dr. Zaibaks ultimate goal is to try to restore the quality of life that these victims once endured. Most recently, Dr. Zaibak wants to give back to the community by training and guiding young and aspiring chiropractors who share similar interests and passions. Moreover, Dr. Zaibak also has a presence in Sugar Land Sports Medicine and Injury, which is a holistic medical clinic concerned with restoring the quality of life to those with debilitating sports injuries. As an individual, Dr. Zaibak’s patients adore him due to his kind and uplifting attitudes. He is compassionate, attentive, and truly wishes to assist his patients in whichever way he can. Dr. Zaibak will go above and beyond to ensure that everyone who comes to him as a patient in need has the best odds of returning to an enjoyable, pain-free life. 
If you or a loved one is experiencing chronic pain or has recently been involved in a car accident, 5/5 star Bridgeland Chiropractic is the number one chiropractic practice in the state, with Dr. MazenZabaik leading the pack as one of Houston, Texas’ best chiropractors.

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