The best quercetin supplement and understanding its benefits for chiropractic patients and DCs

The best quercetin supplement and understanding its benefits for chiropractic patients and DCs

The best quercetin supplement contains properties that protect against inflammation, viruses, diabetes, and carcinogens as well.

Quercetin is a plant pigment known as a flavonoid, found in several fruits and vegetables, some of which include oranges, apples, onions, broccoli, and cherry tomatoes. Science has connected quercetin to numerous health benefits that can be advantageous to patients and chiropractors alike, and chiropractors and health care professional can do their own due diligence on the best quercetin supplement.

Age-related disease prevention

Many health conditions are more prevalent with advanced age. A 2017 article in Frontiers in Public Health points out several, among them being cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, and diabetes, as well as increases in hearing and vision loss and decreased immune function.

According to research published in the journal Molecules in 2022, quercetin can help protect against age-related diseases. It does this largely through its antioxidant properties, but the best quercetin supplement contains properties that protect against inflammation, viruses, diabetes, and carcinogens as well.

This research adds that quercetin also helps prevent neurogenerative diseases due to it being lipophilic. Lipophilic means that it can dissolve in fats and oils. This enables it to cross the blood-brain barrier with greater ease.

Alternative or complementary breast cancer treatment

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 264,000 American women and 2,400 men are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Additionally, although breast cancer-related deaths have declined, this disease is still the second-largest cause of cancer death in women, in general, and the leading cause of death for Hispanic women.

In a 2020 review published in Life Sciences, the article’s authors share that “researchers have been generally convinced to bring Qu [quercetin] as natural compounds in cancer therapy.” This is due to quercetin’s many health benefits.

Another reason is that quercetin is an anti-proliferative, thereby inhibiting cancer cell growth. The authors also go on to say that using the best quercetin supplement as a breast cancer treatment would also be a more cost-effective option than other treatments available while filling the gap created by conventional treatments that fail.

Obesity prevention and management

Other studies suggest that quercetin could help with weight loss or maintenance. An article published in the Journal of Medicinal Food in August 2019 calls plants and plant extracts “the oldest and most extensive form of alternative treatments for the prevention and management of obesity.” It adds that they’re also becoming more popular for this purpose due to the cost, side effects, and limited results supplied by today’s pharmaceutical drugs.

The way that the best quercetin supplement can aid in weight loss, according to the authors, is due to its ability to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. This helps lower the risk of obesity-associated mortality. It’s also possible that the enzymes that help metabolize this flavonoid could impact a person’s sensitivity to catechins, with at least one review reporting that catechins help reduce body fat by inhibiting fat absorption.

Potential treatment for COVID-19

Some also suggest that quercetin could play a critical role in helping treat mild cases of COVID-19. A 2021 article published in the International Journal of General Medicine proposes that this flavonoid offers promise, in part, due to being an antiviral agent. The authors further contend that its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties would be helpful when treating the coronavirus as well, in addition to its ability to reduce blood clotting.

A comparative study published in 2016 explains that quercetin suppresses fibrin clot formation by inhibiting thrombin and Factor Xa’s enzymatic activity. Factor Xa (FXa) is in the serine protease family and plays a critical role in blood clotting by acting as a catalyst for thrombin and clot production.

The best quercetin supplement

Certainly, one could argue that all these benefits of quercetin apply to patients and chiropractors alike, increasing the health and wellness of both. But understanding its benefits is even more advantageous for practitioners in that patients often look to their chiropractic providers as health experts, so being able to relay the benefits of this flavonoid may carry more weight than learning about it elsewhere.

Sharing quercetin’s benefits may be as simple as handing out informational pamphlets or talking about the research in your practice’s newsletters. Educate patients not just about the benefits, but also about how to select a high-quality quercetin supplement. Having this supplement available can make their purchase easier while also increasing your practice’s revenues, creating a win for you both.

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