Third-generation Bemis chiropractor retires

ALTON — Chiropractor Dr. Frank C. Bemis has retired after 56 years. 

Bemis followed in his grandfather Dr. Francis Edward Bemis’ footsteps, a pioneer in chiropractic. The elder Bemis attended Palmer College of Chiropractic, like his son Dr. Frank E. Bemis, and then his grandsons, Dr. Frank C. Bemis and Dr. Gerald H. Bemis.

A retirement open house party for Dr. Frank C. Bemis will be held from 4-7 p.m. Tuesday, March 29, at Santino’s Steak and Pasta, 180 E. Center Drive, in Alton, at Alton Square Mall, organized by his wife, Donna Bemis, and daughter Dr. Kristina E. Bemis Tupman, and first woman in the Bemis family legacy of chiropractic. 

“Please join us as we congratulate Dr. Frank on this accomplishment and say, ‘Thank You,’ for his dedication to his patients and to his profession,” she said.

The Bemis chiropractic dynasty began humbly in 1915.

 “I’m very proud of this,” Dr. Frank C. Bemis said. “Today it’s a very respected name in the community, as well as in the world of chiropractic academia.”

The late Dr. Francis Edward Bemis entered the field of chiropractic at its veritable infancy and obtained the first license in the state of Vermont. He practiced in New York as a chiropractor for 52 years. 

The Bemis patriarch established the family’s chiropractic legacy when he graduated from Palmer now approaching 110 years ago. His son, Frank E. Bemis, became the next Bemis to graduate from Palmer. 

The second-generation Bemis family moved to Alton when Frank C. Bemis was 3 years old, who along with his younger brother, Gerald H. Bemis, also graduated from Palmer, thereafter both joining their father’s original Alton practice. 

Dr. Frank C. Bemis later established his own practice, Dr. Frank C. Bemis and Associates Chiropractor, in Alton.

Bemis’ oldest son of three children, Dr. David Bemis, has his own Alton practice, Alton Chiropractic Neurology, and his younger son, Dr. Ryan Bemis, who also graduated from Palmer, has his own Alton practice with Bemis Family Chiropractic.

Dr. Frank C. Bemis’ daughter and youngest child, Bemis Tupman, joined Dr. Frank C. Bemis and Associates Chiropractor in 2015, when she graduated from Palmer, while her father continued to work part time. The practice shortly thereafter became Bemis Tupman Chiropractic as her husband, Dr. Stephen P. Tupman, and she purchased her father’s practice jointly in 2019.

Dr. Frank C. Bemis’ younger brother and Palmer graduate, Dr. Gerald H. Bemis, established Bemis Chiropractic Center Gerald H. Bemis, in Alton, where his sons Dr. Gerald Bemis Jr., also a Palmer graduate, and Dr. Geoffrey Bemis, a graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic, in Chesterfield, Missouri, also practice.  

Until Dr. Frank C. Bemis’ retirement this month, seven Bemises practiced chiropractic in Alton.  

Dr. Frank C. Bemis gave the Palmer College commencement speech in 2015, the year that his daughter graduated from the school.

“Chiropractic runs in families because it’s a lifestyle, not just a career” Dr. Frank C. Bemis said. “Chiropractors love what they do.”


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