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Turning Point Wellness Center Offers Holistic Treatment Options to Metroeast Region

Many patients seek out chiropractic care when chronic pain begins to affect daily living. They turn to chiropractic physicians when traditional methods of treatments didn’t work, or stopped working, hoping for answers and relief.

While pain relief will likely always be an important part of their work, three longtime chiropractic physicians – Dr. Colleen (Stratton) Miller, Dr. Jennifer (Steinbaugh) Kujawski and Dr. Katie (Millang) Neff – hope their new wellness center will be a place where patients discover a “turning point in their health.”

“We want our patients – and the public – to know that they don’t have to wait to be in pain to seek our help,” Miller said. “Through holistic treatments like chiropractic care, acupuncture, and massage therapy, we can treat the whole body, before injuries and ailments occur.”

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“Recognizing the way chiropractic care positively impacts the whole body is a turning point in healthcare for many people,” Neff added.

That’s how Turning Point Wellness Center got its’ name. The practice, which opens Sept. 6, is the new venture of the three well-established, female chiropractic physicians.

Miller previously owned and operated Stratton Chiropractic and Family Health Center, where she and Neff saw patients at Red Bud and Waterloo locations. Kujawski owned and operated Balanced Health Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Waterloo.

As of Sept. 6, all three chiropractic physicians and their team of staff will be part of Turning Point Wellness Center. Turning Point offices will be located at both former Stratton locations: 343 West 4th Street in Waterloo (phone: 618-939-5585) and 930 West Market Street in Red Bud (phone: 618-282-3900).

“We each have our unique skill sets, yet we share the same treatment philosophy,” Kujawski said. “We’ve treated hundreds of individuals in the community, and heard their desire for more comprehensive, holistic healthcare options in the region. So, of course, we were going to listen, and fortunately, we were all in the position professionally where we could combine forces to create this amazing opportunity for our patients.” 

Turning Point Wellness Center will not only offer chiropractic and acupuncture treatments, but also nutrition counseling, prenatal chiropractic care, infant cranial therapy, massage therapy, allergy testing and more. The emphasis is on compassionate, responsive treatment plans that help patients achieve optimal health and wellness.

“If you walk into one of our two locations, we want you to walk out feeling like you are truly reaching a turning point in your life, where you can begin to feel your best,” Miller said. “That is our goal with every patient, no matter their age or health concerns.” 

For more information visit or call 618-939-5585.

About Turning Point Wellness Center:

Turning Point Wellness Center opens September 6, 2022, with locations at 343 West 4th Street in Waterloo, Illinois (phone: 618-939-5585) and 930 West Market Street in Red Bud, Illinois (phone: 618-282-3900).  For more information, visit

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