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Name and Address: Janet H. Kuech, 115 Narragansett Street

Education: BA English: Central CT State; AD: Castleton VT State

Personal information: Married 43 years, parent of 3

Employment: MSAD6 Title 1 ed tech III 3 years, Gorham School Dept. 21 years, Baxter Memorial Library 12 years

Political and community experience: Gorham Town Council 3 years (Appointments, Capital, Finance, GPCOG), MEA Board of Directors, selectperson and town auditor, regional planning board, All Day K & K-5 Configuration Committees, non-profit treasurer, VBS volunteer

Why are you running for office and how will your experience benefit the Town Council?

I am running for Town Council because I have unfinished business. My experience growing up in an agricultural family taught me the value of caring for people, animals, and the land. I have worked hard to bridge the gaps between Town Council and School Committee, and have more to learn about the Comprehensive Town Plan. I have a calm, curious wisdom and the ability to see the big picture without losing the details.

What do you see as the major issues for Gorham and how might they be addressed?

Gorham is experiencing growing pains. There are tensions between using land for housing, agriculture, commerce, and conservation. There are concerns that Gorham has become unaffordable. I have learned a lot in my first three years on the Town Council and will continue to advocate for Gorham by sharing information and advocating at the local and state levels. We have many energetic folks willing to help using whatever talents and resources they might have.

Name and address: Robert L. Lavoie, 81 Wagner Farm Road

Education: Undergraduate Studies, University of Maine; Doctorate in Chiropractic, Palmer College of Chiropractic; Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, ACBSP

Employment: owner and principal doctor at Chiropractic Clinic of Gorham, established in Gorham in 2006.

Personal information: Raised in Aroostook County. Married for 9 years to Amanda, who is a cardiac nurse at Maine Medical Center. We have two children, ages 5 & 7 in the Gorham school system.

Political and community experience: Past chair of Gorham Conservation Commission for 5 years. Member, Gorham Business Exchange. Current board member and past president of the Greater Portland chapter of the New England Mountain Bike Association. Long standing advocate and driver for outdoor recreation and open space utilization in Gorham. Project manager for the Gorham Pumptrack Project (Lavoie Bike Park).

Why are you running for office and how will your experience benefit the Town Council?

In 2006 I started my practice in this town because I knew that it was a community I wanted to be a part of. That decision has allowed me to develop deep relationships with my patients and also with other local business owners and town folk. I am running for council because I hear all the concerns and needs of our residents. These people live and work here on limited budgets. They are trying to start businesses, trying to preserve farmland, come from major cities, etc. I want to represent them in deciding what Gorham will become.

What do you see as the major issues for Gorham and how might they be addressed?

Balancing residential and business growth is critical while maintaining our village and community appeal. The schools will always be a priority. We need to make sure that our kids have a safe and rewarding educational experience. A balanced town council that honors Gorham’s roots while planning for its future, in a fiscally responsible way, is what we need.

Name and address: Seven R. Siegel, 238 Main Street

Education: Master of Public Policy & Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Brandeis University, Bachelor of Science in Game Design from Champlain College

Employment: Senior product manager at Harvard Business School Publishing working on new ways to teach leadership

Personal information: I am married to my fantastic wife Becky Wartell. Please wish us luck as we’re trying to start our family right now!

Political and community experience: I am a Planning Board member, and I volunteer weekly at Long Creek Youth Development Center.

Why are you running for office and how will your experience benefit the Town Council?

As this town continues to grow, it is becoming clear that the community doesn’t have a say in the type of growth happening. I’m running to be the community voice. I want to shape our growth to actually benefit our residents, our schools, and our small businesses. My experience on the Planning Board and my career focus on leadership combined with my passion and energy will bring new thinking currently missing from the Town Council.

What do you see as the major issues for Gorham and how might they be addressed?

All of Gorham’s major issues are interconnected. The key isn’t just to address a few issues, the key is to develop a long-term strategy designed to create a balanced tax base and budget; Gorham doesn’t have a current long-term strategy. You can see that through our crowded schools, growing debt, lack of businesses, and high residential taxes. My strategy and vision for the future of Gorham can be found on my website,


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